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    Less than 10K Suggest android mobile for a 70 year old

    I am similarly looking to buy a phone under 10k for my mom. The main usage is whatsapp, YouTube and of course calling. I’m looking at Redmi 9, which costs 9k. Do these phones have ads on them on lock screen and wherever else? And what do you mean de bloating? Is it as simple as uninstalling an app?
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    The Fitness Thread !

    Any recommendations on a basic weighing scale? I was thinking of buying the Mi Body Scale for about 2k but I guess they’ve stopped making it. Any similar products at similar prices? I might even consider getting an analog scale if all an electronic scale shows is the weight. I don’t really need...
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    Small blogging solutions

    One of my cousins who is a teenager is now getting this urge to start a blog/website and reached out to me for advice. She needs: Custom domain name Hosting solution to run a blog Normally, I would have asked her to sign up for Wordpress or something but she wants to have a custom domain name...
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    Budget 21-30k Light and Sturdy laptop for parents

    Thanks for the responses @Party Monger , @vyral_143 and @k_m_Arya They are currently using an Acer laptop (not sure what model it is). For now, I have removed almost everything from the start up and removed some bloatware that had been preinstalled. It's working fine for their usage (in the...
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    Budget 21-30k Light and Sturdy laptop for parents

    My parents' laptop is now showing signs of age so I'm looking to buy a new one for them. Their basic usage is browsing, checking email a few times a day and watching stuff on youtube. I want the laptop to be as light as possible and of course sturdy enough. Don't care too much about the OS as...
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    Moving to Pune.. suggestions

    Thanks, I've been looking at Nobroker and Nestaway apps to try and narrow down some houses so that I can give the owners a call. I'm looking at apartment buildings so that it can be relatively safer (over independent houses). For a regular 2BHk in Aundh, Pashan and surrounding areas, what would...
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    Moving to Pune.. suggestions

    I'm going to be moving to Pune to start a new job next week. The office is going to be in Yerwada. My wife is giving interviews now and she might end up working in Hinjewadi area (nothing is confirmed yet for her). Neither of us have ever been to Pune so would like some suggestions- Which...
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    FIRE in India. Your thoughts?

    I think some of the opinions posted here point towards the general direction that I was looking at things as well - that is is not really practical to stop working/earning money. To me, I think all the talk about Financial Independence and Early Retirement is about taking the foot off the...
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    Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin? - A Beginning Video for Bitcoin Newcomers

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread but has anyone had any luck with buying partial bitcoins in a foreign currency (say USD) and then selling that in INR?
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    Not particularly sure about the domain - I keep hearing a realistic buzz around job opportunities for those who are certified in some kind of cloud service like Azure or AWS - which is why I was trying to understand if there's something real or is it just more of an echo chamber effect?
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    Careers and Employment Thread

    What technologies are considered "in demand" these days?
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    FIRE in India. Your thoughts?

    I recently came across something called FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) on Reddit and seems like a lot of the people there were considering "wealth targets" like around 1-2cr rupees as the point where they can retire early. So in terms of achieving this mythical "Financial...
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    Holy Cow! What is going on.. He goes on to say that the govt is of 2.5 people (Modi, Amit Shah and someone else that I couldn't quite understand) Wonder how this will be spun off ;)
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    I have an iPhone 6S+ in pristine condition. Zero scratches - used with a case and screen protector all along. Any ideas as to how much I can sell it for?
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    Holy Cow! What is going on..

    I don't anticipate things improving for the common man on the ground anytime soon. Fuel prices are the perfect indicators of that - at a time when crude oil prices are among the lowest in the past decade, we're paying the highest. And yet there are people who are lapping it up. Yes, BJP will...