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    Audio Please Suggest A Good Headphone For 3 K

    Audio Technica AD300 ( but i heard its out of production these days ? ) , you may also check the AD400 but im not sure if it falls inside your mentioned price range.
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    Audio Suggest earphones for under 1k please

    Hi guys , I need some advice to buy earphones . Budget is 1k . I will be using it mainly for music on my cowon s9 . I am kind of outdated about which r the best ones currently inside this budget and thus need help in finalizing :) . And as of now i am confused between these 3 earphones . 1...
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    Steelseries MYM 5C Mousepad and MYM T shirt

    bump...price dropped..only 1200rs shipped, 3 quantities left guys;]
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    *jvc ha-rx900* gr8 headphones ! SOLD !!!

    Re: Jvc ha-rx900 ! UP 4 SALE AGAIN ! NEW PICS ! pls hold for me ill let you know by tomm morning,thnks:) --- Updated Post - Automerged --- please check your PM...
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    Steelseries MYM 5C Mousepad and MYM T shirt

    Sup People... Putting up some stuffs for sale..after long time 1. Steelseries MYM 5C Mousepads .... Quantity ---> 5 quantities remaining BRAND NEW INBOX, Unboxed one of them to show the mousepad surface Price --->1200rs shipped 2. MYM ( Meet Your Makers) Clan Jersey Tshirt --- Quanity ---> 1...
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    Ate- from wcg rush to eswc fragmovie

    hey people...i recently made this cs 1.6 fragmovie of Team ATE from India ...features frags from their last 3 major tournaments.. wcg '09, RUSH '10( hyderabad cafe tournament) and ESWC '10 ...i thought i would share the video here on techenclave too.... Edited by Adarsh 'showstopper'...
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    Steelseries Siberia FullSize headset NON-USB for 22$

    found this deal on Steelseries Siberia Full size NON USB headset for 22 $ shipped, it usually sells for arnd 60 $ i think its a good deal :) Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Gaming Headphones (White) - 51016 -
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    IE 3.0 , SteelSeries SX , XTrac Ripper XXL

    interested in the ripper xxl if its still available
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    Alfa perfumes at Vile Parle...
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    N95 8GB for 13.5k in univercell

    this should be real.... when nokia N96 was priced around arnd 500-600 $ it retails for arnd 300 $ if the price drop of n96 is that much....the n95 should be below the price level of n96 it has to be true:D
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    Re: Perfumes/Deoderants/Fragrances well i got visit within 3-4 months of the starting of this hobby:D...its a great scent for me...which is versatile can be worn anytime anywhere...casual , semi-formal, formal, and even for parties or a special evening lol:D , there are rarely designer...
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    Re: Perfumes/Deoderants/Fragrances hmm i dont have that much idea abt women's fragrances....than some 1. Cool Water for women by davidoff 2. Gucci Envy EDP 3. Calvin klein Obsession night 4. Dior J'Adore 5. Chanel Coco ( damn expensive , but one of the best ) 6. Chanel coco...
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    Re: Perfumes/Deoderants/Fragrances On request of getsetgo_008 im posting a list of colognes which are good for starters and available at the best prices @ damini.... 1. Azzaro Chrome 2. Calvin Klein One 3. Davidoff Echo 4. Gucci Pour Homme II 5. Hugo Dark Blue 6. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue...
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    Todays Deal of the day : Razer DA( 3500 dpi ) and Mouse pad for 2650 shipped

    confirm 1 for me buygamingstuff and PM me ur acct details :-)