air conditioner

  1. I

    Need help with AC recommendations, 1.5 ton 3 star

    Going to buy a new ac have bought daikin 1.5 ton already need another 1.5 ton and i wanna try any other brand ,budget around 38k ,please do recommend which brand is great in this price especially in mumbai, i was going for Panasonic but my friend who is an hvac engineer mentioned their outdoor...
  2. nitin_g3

    Warranty status when installing AC from third-party

    I recently purchased some Daikin AC units and got them installed from my trusted installer. After a few days I came to know that warranty won't be applicable if I install AC on my own and same is mentioned in T & C on Daikin website. I then contacted Daikin installation team and asked if...
  3. panny

    Help me purchase a good 1 ton Window AC which doesnt eat up electricity like its cyberpunk

    Currently owning voltas 5 star window 1 ton AC (probably not an inverter) - Its rated consumption is 830units per year on the star rating (although I know that is of little significance) It is 5 years old, and after using 5-6 hours everyday, it uses 180units per month, which is absurdly high...
  4. saikatck

    FS: Others LG Inverter AC 1.5 ton, 2022, For Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai

    Hello, I want to sell my LG inverter AC (1.5 ton, 4 star). I got the AC on April 2022. The item is located in Thane West, Kasarvadawali. I have paid 40K (excluding installation). I am willing to sell it for 30K. I have the packaging material for the indoor unit as well. So, shipping within...
  5. A

    Suggestions for Dual Inverter AC

    Hi folks, I'm in the market for a new Air Conditioner with capacity around 1.1-1.2 Tons. The AC would be fitted in Delhi, to run in Delhi's high temperatures. I'm assuming the capacity because my last Sharp AC was of this capacity and was cooling the room sufficiently, the room is small. This AC...
  6. R

    is Daikin the best brand to buy a 1 ton 5 star split inverter AC ?

    Hello, im in the market to buy air con. Thing is, with so many options, im going crazy. I have been using Daikin split AC without issues so its my current preference but i wana know what you guys think is the current best? Budget is around 35k and room is sheltered 110 sq ft
  7. astroboy89

    [URGENT] Need your suggestion for a 2 Ton Split Inverter AC 2022

    Hello everyone, I live in Kolkata. I am currently using a 2 ton Panasonic Inverter AC I bought back in 2016 (When Inverter tech was quite new). I have been mostly happy with my AC as it usually cooled at 24. But due to the very thinly spaced evaporator fins, it accumulated a lot of dust and...
  8. napstersquest

    Suggest a Split AC for my bedroom/home office (15x12 feet)

    We already have a 1.5 ton AC for my parents bedroom. Need something for mine, I work from home and even though direct sunlight does not enter, the room gets hot. Especially during gaming breaks. The AC should be enough for a master bedroom as well, as it will be repurposed when I get married in...
  9. Kaleen Bhaiya

    Need suggestions for purchasing a new AirCon.

    So my Hitachi 1.2 ton is giving me lots of trouble. It has been roughly 11 years, gas leaks out within a month thanks to heavy corrosion. I live in a area closer to the coast so corrosion is a big issue. This time i am focusing on ac which has anti-corrosive properties and I have short-listed LG...
  10. rajlodhiya

    Suggestions for an air conditioner with Apple HomeKit support

    Hello. Looking to buy a 5-star inverter AC for a 100-120 sq feet bedroom. Couldn’t find one with Apple HomeKit support anywhere, suggestions are welcome.
  11. Digigear

    Small quiet, budget-friendly air conditioner

    I have a small studio space where I record screencasting videos. I have all the doors and windows shut and the whole room is insulated with soundproof panels. I can't turn on the fan because that will create noise in the audio recording. I don't want to spend too much on an air conditioning...
  12. Dhyana85

    Air Conditioner loud noises

    Hey, In the last few days, the weather in my hometown is extremely hot. My AC has to work very hard and started to make very loud weird noises when I turn it on. Does anyone have the same problem and maybe know how to fix it? I don't have the money to replace mine and buy a new one because it is...
  13. T

    Inverter AC or 5 Star Non-Inverter AC

    Hi, I am looking at Daikin Split ACs but confused with what tonnage should I go for and whether to go for Inverter ACs or 5-Star non-inverter models. Also I heard that the service and repairs for the Inverter ACs is very expensive and hard to find. Is that true? I have rooms of following sq.ft...
  14. S

    AC recommendation

    Hi guys, I am from Hyderabad. My bedroom is of size 16 x 12 x 10. Last year, I made a mistake of buying Voltas 1.25 Ton 5 star AC because the price was great. Days later, I realised that the cooling wasn't sufficient and / or takes very long time to cool. I stay on the top-most floor and the...
  15. V

    Help with Sharp inverter AC coil leak problem

    Hello, This AC is again giving me problem (even when very rarely used after the previous two occurrences) of very low cooling (it has been like that for long time, but ignored it as I rarely used < 28C) Earlier faced these issues with this box...
  16. GuruGulabKhatri

    Need Suggestions for a 1T/3* AC in Kolkata

    Hi all Need suggestions for a split ac for My 110 sft room on top floor.consumption will be approx 40 hours/Month and 6 Months/Year Following units are available for My pincode -...