1. techno_funky

    FS: Tablet [Sold] Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet S6 Lite WiFi (Oxford Grey, 64GB) with SPen

    Very Sparingly used Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet S6 Lite WiFi (Oxford Grey, 64GB) with SPenin Pristine Quality for sale, below is the link to the product page. Date of Purchase - 8 June 2020 Point of Purchase: Amazon India Price Expected - 23,000 (negotiable) Features Android 10 , One UI 2.1...
  2. luciferaw1

    Budget 30-40k A good Smart phone under 40000

    I have a Oneplus 3 and I am thinking of upgrading now. Can someone suggest a good phone under 40000. I like tinkering with my phone and hence I like Oneplus as their warranty remains intact even if we root the phone. Open to suggestions.
  3. Tarun_Shetty

    Can anyone suggest me Fast and Safe File Sharing App for android?

    As now Share IT and Shareme or even Mi Drop is also banned so which one we should use.
  4. V

    Algorithms that change farmers' lives

    Hi all, creating this thread to discuss on technology, products and trends that are changing the agriculture and farmer's lives for good. We can discuss about Agri-tech startups, IOT and interesting ideas that enable farmers
  5. P

    Android Moto g4 plus network issue

    So, in detail, I have a jio sim and a bsnl sim. I am a victim of slow jio speed which is totally random. So i recharged bsnl 333 plan which gives 3gb/day data. So the issue is that when selecting cellone sim as data sim, 4g option is unavailable in jio sim which is placed in 1st sim slot, I need...