1. S

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard

    Keyboard is in 4+ condition. Have the Original packaging plus invoice , and 5 months warranty remaining. Product url -
  2. Ankit Manchanda

    FS: Cabinets Antec P9 Window Gaming PC Cabinet Only with 2 Fans

    Product Name: Antec P9 Window Cabinet Expected Price: Rs 2800 Shipping charges: Extra at actual. However, prefer local pickup Reason for Sale: Building a new rig after my home renovation. Wont need this cabinet. Product condition: 7 out of 10 Purchase Date: July 2017 Remaining Warranty period...
  3. D

    Budget 41-50k MSI pl62 7rc-270xin - is it worth it?

    The price of the laptop is 46900. I like to use it for mid range gaming and programming.If there is any good alternative please suggest. My preference are below: Budget :50k Used for : programming and mid range gaming Configuration :i5, 8 GB ram and 2gb 150 MX graphics Brand:Any Screen...
  4. wooka


    I'm looking for: 1. Monitor - 24-27inch. Good to have - any of these : 75Hz+, 2ms, 2k, non-TN panel. 2. CPU - T or K version 6th or 7th gen. 3. RAM - DDR4 - 8GB sticks minimum.
  5. Ankit Manchanda

    FS: Consoles X-Box 360 Modded With 2 Wireless Remotes and 50 Games

    Selling my XBox 360 Slim Black 250 GB Modded with 2 Wireless remotes in perfect working condition. Ownership History: Am the first owner. Location: Kolkata Working Condition: 10/10. Everything works absolutely perfect. Cosmetic Condition: 8/10. Have some few scratches here and there and...
  6. N

    Budget 51-70k Laptop buying Advice

    I want to buy gaming laptop under 70k. Advice me which laptop i should consider and also tell me if there is any good deal in Flipkart's Festive Dhamaka Days for gaming laptop.
  7. H

    FS: Laptop Acer Predator Helios 300 (i5, sealed)

    This laptop has 3 years of warranty with 1st year being Accidental Drop Protection plan (as opposed to usual 1 year warranty you will get elsewhere). NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Intel Core i5 Processor (7th Gen) 128 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD 15.6" FULL HD IPS Optimized Dolby Audio Premium Sound...
  8. A

    rx 470/480

    Hello Guys, I'm looking to source a few rx 470 or 480's. Either single or multiples could work? Looking to experiment with some mining builds. And doesn't hurt to game on multiple cards :) Anyone has any or leads of where I could get a couple at a non-inflated price point? Location is in...
  9. Prakhar Srivastava

    FS: Processor [PRICE DROP] Core i5 6600k (Indian warranty)

    No problem at all with the processor. Upgraded to a 6700k a while back. CPU has been sitting unused since then (only plugged in today to take CPU-Z screenshots). Box etc. is available too. For any suggestions/negotiations, please take the PM route and avoid crapping the thread. Would prefer...
  10. Mubashshir2017

    FS: Desktops i7 4790K+Zotac GTX1060 3gb+H81M-S1+Vengeance Pro Series (8x2)=16GB+CM hyper 103

    i7 4790K - purchased around December 2014, do not have invoice. Gigabyte H81M-S1 - purchased around January 2017, invoice is present.
  11. E

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend to...
  12. D

    Budget 41-50k 45k Mini-ITX Build with GTX 1070 !!

    Hey, Guys. I will be getting a Gaming PC when all this mining and GST craze stops in India. My Budget's about Rs. 45000 just for the Tower. My friend will be buying some of the components in U.S and getting them back by Flight. No problem with that right? My problem is finding a Mini ITX...
  13. nikrusty

    NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB/6GB

    Want to buy a GTX 1060 3GB/6GB. I still using my 4-year-old GTX 760 which is really showing its age now. Just finished Rise of Tomb Raider at around 30 fps with lowest being in intensive scenes at 20...eeks! Warranty preferred.
  14. S

    FS: Desktops Custom High-end Gaming Rig PC (with 32" Sony LED Monitor!)

    Hi, I put this rig together about 3 years ago. Nobody ever enters my room without saying "Wow! What the hell is that!". I use it for light gaming, video editing, 3D modelling, although it's capable of a lot more. I assembled it myself, carefully sourcing each item at the best price. Do Google...
  15. Z

    FS: Cabinets CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced cabinet - Rs. 3,500 (Mumbai)

    Components for sale: Intel Core i5 2500 - NOT ON SALE Gigabyte motherboard P67A-UD3R-B3 rev 1- NOT ON SALE G-Skill 2x4GB 1600 DDR3 RAM - NOT ON SALE Cooler Master 690 II Advanced Mid tower cabinet (2x140mm fans + 1x120mm fan) Palit GTX460 768 MB - NOT ON SALE All the components were purchased...
  16. B

    Hi there

    Hi there boys and girls i m selling my 3 months old 144hz 1ms Gaming monitor 24inch full HD 1920*1080p
  17. Abhay.MSI

    Laptops MSI India Notebooks Holi Colourful Promotion......

    MSI India Notebooks Colourful Holi Coming Soon!!!! Promotion valid on MSI GE/GS/GT Gaming notebook. On purchase of your GE, get a Gaming mouse/ikey Data Security/ I Game Journal FREE!!! On purchase of your GS/GT,get a Gaming Headset/ I Game Journal / Mini Block FREE!!! The Promotion duration...
  18. walibaa

    FS: Laptop ASUS ROG GL552

    Configuration Intel Core i7 4720HQ 4GB DDR3 (Upgradable to 16gb) 1TB Seagate SSHD Nvidia GTX 950M 4GB Graphic Card Wireless AC + Bluetooth 4.1 15.6 Full HD 1920x1080 Backlit Keyboard Price- 50k With Purchase bill, Box, Adapter, Drivers Cd, Manuals. Purchased from Ebay in May 2016 . Imported...
  19. atibrewal

    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 7559 - GTX 960 Beast with Accidental Damage Protection

    Configuration Intel Core i5 6300HQ 16GB DDR3 (Upgraded from 8) 250 Samsung Evo 850 SATA 3 SSD + 1TB Seagate SSHD Nvidia GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 GFX Card Wireless AC + Bluetooth 4.1 74 Whr Battery gives above 5-6 hours of normal usage See detailed sepcs here Price: Rs 64,999/- (57,999/- without SSD...