1. Murshid K

    Suggestions on IEM under 20k with warm soothing sound

    I would like to have some suggestions on iem with warm kind of tonality. I dont want any boost in upper mkds or treble. Recessed treble amd especially recessed upper mids lower treble will be prefered. I want some thing very smooth amd non fatiguing. It should be under ₹20000 The ines that i...
  2. S

    FS: Headphone Fiio F9 Pro

    Up for Sale is Fiio F9 Pro "" in absolutely mint & pristine condition. Was received as gift in Oct'2019, and since I already had better IEMs, did not use it. All I did was change silicone tips to Foam Tips...

    FS: Headphone RHA MA750 IEM Earphones for Sale

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: RHA MA750 IEM Earphones Expected Price: Rs 4500/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought locally. Reason for Sale: Upgrading RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: Good Condition, few minor scratches Purchase Invoice Available: No...
  4. viralbug

    FS: Headphone RHA T20i

    Selling my trusty RHA T20i that I've used for a little over a year. Haven't used it much since the past few months and won't be using IEMs going ahead. Sound quality and build quality are both amazing and you can find enough reviews suggesting the same. Condition is great as I always take care...
  5. Tanuj Gambhir

    FS: Headphone KZ ZSN Pro and TRN T2 Cable (0.78mm 2 Pin)

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: TRN T2 Cable (Black, 3.5mm, 0.78mm 2 pin) Expected Price: TRN T2 Cable KEEPING FOR MYSELF KZ ZSN Pro SOLD Source and Time of Purchase: Imported from China. Received yesterday. Reason for Sale: Testing demand for Chi-Fi business in India RMA/Servicing...
  6. adibaba

    FS: Headphone RHA MA750 Excellent Condition 1 year old

    High quality sound RHA MA750 excellent condition 1 year old, I have hardly used them as I was using the ATH-IM02 . All tips are included i can even provide extra COMPLY tips( 3 pairs in total ) , Blue tips are of Sony hybrids tips.
  7. Arjan

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser IE8

    Selling a pair of IEMs: Sennheiser IE8. They are in decent shape, and have seen years of extensive usage. Have gone through multiple wire replacements, but the IEM housings are intact and still sound stellar. Do not have any documentation, official case, or any other related Sennheiser...
  8. ravin

    FS: Headphone VSONIC R02 Silver earphones

    Hi, VSONIC r02 Silver 1 day old in brand new condition for sale asking price: 2300 INR purchase price: 3265 INR for reviews and info about the product, please google these have fantastic midrange btw!
  9. H

    FS: Headphone Fiio FH1 IEMs SOLD

    The IEM was purchased from Amazon India. It's as good as new. Every accessory it comes with, is included. Expected Price (Rs): SOLD Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: 23rd...
  10. A

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD598 SE and CX 3.00

    Hi guys, selling off my sparingly used headphones and earphones. Reason for sale, upgraded to HD 650 and RHA MA750. HD598 SE Impedance - 50 Ohms. Very easy to drive. Condition - Mint. Hardly used these. Bought them in 27th Nov 2015. Comes with the original box and all accessories. MRP...
  11. G

    FS: Headphone Ultimate Ears Super-fi 5 pro

    UE double BA super-fi 5 pro. The original cables gave up on me and hence were lying unused for a long time until i ordered replacement cables from Aliexpress. Sonically they sound just as good as they did when i first got them. Comes with original UE box and some unused tips. open to reasonable...
  12. prankie

    FS: Headphone V-Sonic GR07 Bass Edition

    I have the original box with all the original tips except the L Silicon tip which I used.. Rest are unused, even the Foam one. Original pouch (leatherette) may be missing. IEMs are in immaculate condition, barring some usage marks. They sound phenomenal and are as good as my Sennheiser IE80.
  13. H

    FS: Home Audio Video Sold!! RHA t10i IEM Earphone - New Mint Condition - Fully Sealed - Unopened-With Warranty

    I'm selling my RHA t10i IEM Earphones. It retails for INR 15000. It comes with all the original accessories (unopened) as well as the bill. There is 2+ years warranty available for the product. I got a brand new earphone as a replacement, and have not used the earphone at all. As you can see...
  14. sharang

    Audio Suggestions for an IEM under 1k || KZ Ate gone bust

    Was using the KZ Ate-S in ear headphones for the past 1.5 years. Absolutely loved the KZ ate for a beginner IEM. But suddenly yesterday one side has gone bust. Looking for an upgrade to a new VFM pair, which should be a notch above this one. Usage- occasional with Android phone. Kindly...
  15. k_m_Arya

    Audio Buying advice IEM

    After reading many reviews,have shortlisted the following headphones please suggest which one to buy. Build quality mainly matters for me as most headphones have broken before 1 year itself...
  16. hirumon

    Audio Best earphones with mic under 2k

    Hi, I am looking for a good budget earphones with mice to use with my android phone. My budget is 2k. Bought a SM E10C from amazon but found the bass is practically non existing. Returned it sayingmanufacturing defect. What are the options available other than SM? Any help is appreciated...
  17. 4b33r

    Audio Best Earphones Under 1k

    Hello everyone, Greetings, First of all I would like to take a second to introduce myself (I know I shouldn't do this here but it's short.) As this is my first post here chances are that none of you know me.I am a PC enthusiast and gamer,I cannot be considered an audiophile by any means but...
  18. T

    FS: Headphone Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M2 IEG (Sealed pack)

    This is a sealed pack received as a result of a RMA. I am not totally convinced if I ought to sell it but I am inclined to try something different if I get good value for this one. I had purchased it for 6190 in April 2015, so it has about 8 months of warranty remaining. I can also see that the...
  19. imran27

    Audio Neutral'ish IEM around ₹5k

    I prefer neutral sound signature, I have been a fan of M40X and currently using the Brainwavz HM5 and I just love them Past IEM that I liked have been the SoundMagic E10 but they had quite a noticeable bass boost and they were too bright, very boosted highs. I want something close to neutral...
  20. B

    FS: Headphone Soundmagic E10 (red) - very less used

    Selling a pristine condition Soundmagic E10, not used for more than 5 hours in total. Bought from Amazon in June 2015, was an impulse buy. Selling because I prefers the Brainwavz S0 sound signature. I dont have the original packing with me. The pack of accessories is not opened. Negotiations...