1. sato1986

    FS: Consoles Sony Playstation 4 PS4 with software 5.05

    Playstation 4 PS4 500GB Software version 5.05 One dual shock PS4 controller One PS4 bag One PS4 earphone with mic 3 games included : Ashes Cricket: Fifa 17 Don Bradman Cricket 17
  2. M

    FS: Consoles PS4 slim 1 tb DAYS OF PLAY EDITION

    PS4 slim 1 tb DAYS OF PLAY EDITION 9 months in mint condition with one controller power cord hdmi cable and 12 offline games - NO DISCS games list 1. GOW 4 2.The Last of us Remastered 1 3. The Surge 4.Darksoul;s Remastered 5.RDR2 6. Sniper Elite 4 7.Batman Arkham Knight 8.Uncharted 1 2 3 parts...
  3. creative420

    Help a member out.

    Hi, This is a little unusual FS post. Sony has launched a Fifa 21 + PS4 controller combo. Anyone here, preferably from Bangalore, who wants the game, but not the controller? I'll buy it and then send the FIFA disk to you at a discounted amount. MODs: Please delete this post if it doesn't meet...
  4. D

    FS: Consoles Mint White Limited Edition PS4 Pro

    Hello Friends! Selling PS4 Pro in excellent mint condition comes with bill box & all accessories. Price is negotiable to some extent. Please don't low ball. anyone interested in purchasing please pm me. I am from Mumbai and prefer local pickup. That way buyer can check the product and also be...
  5. D

    FS: Consoles PS4 FAT 6.72

    for sale is a fat ps4 in good working condition..system software is 6.72...enough said...also i am not shipping to local buyers only...interested buyers can dm me.
  6. MagicianRecon

    FS: Games PS4 Physical Games [Only 2 Left]

    I have around 12 Physical PS4 games that I am looking to clear out. All of them are in excellent condition. Used for atmost a single playthrough. 1. Batman Arkham Knight - Steelbook edition (1250 Shipped) 2. Persona5 (750 Shipped) 3. GTA V (850 Shipped) 4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands...
  7. G

    WTB Looking to buy a PS4 Console

    I am looking for a second hand PS4 console to buy at a reasonable rate. I am open to buying fat/slim models. Preferably with an extra controller as well. The hard disk size is also not really an issue since I ll mostly be using it for playing exclusives only (I have PC otherwise). But no...
  8. eraviii

    WTB Assassins Creed Odyssey PS4 / Days Gone

    Looking for the above games AC Odyssey and Days Gone. I am located in bangalore can pickup within areas or dunzo can help. Please comment or DM me your offers , if any other games also fine .
  9. puns

    FS: Games PS4 Games: Death Stranding , No Mans Sky, Metro Exodus

    PS4 Games - Individual prices below. 4000 for all 3 games. Death Stranding - 1500 Rs. No Mans Sky - 1500 Rs. Metro Exodus - 1500 Rs. Shipping: 100 Rs extra. Only by DTDC courier. Low ballers will be ignored.
  10. fullysharpened

    FS: Games PS4 Games - Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted Collection, Fallout 4

    Horizon Zero Dawn - 400 Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - 600 The Last of Us Remastered - 700 God of War - 800 Deus Ex Mankind Divided - 350 Uncharted Collection - 700 Assassin's Creed Syndicate - 500 Fallout 4 - 500 Shipping via Speedpost is possible, but local buyers in Mumbai are...
  11. walibaa

    FS: Games Marvel SpiderMan & PUBG for PS4

    unopened Sealed Unit of SpiderMan and PUBG for PS4 is available at 40% discount. Spiderman at 2400 and PUBG at 1200 or both at 3300 shipped.
  12. aquaticbullet

    WTB - Used PS4 in Decent Condition - Bangalore

    Hey Guys, Looking to get back into gaming. Hunting for a used PS4 in decent condition, preferably in bangalore. Kindly hit me with your offers. Regards, Nitin
  13. P

    Playstation 4 pro

    Looking to get me a PS4 pro. Preferrably jailbroken or atleast on FW 5.05. Budget would be around 23-25k. Open to offers and negotiations as well! In case you are selling or know anyone who does, do reach out via PM. Thanks!
  14. D

    FS: Home Audio Video Google mini,Amazon Echo,Ps4 Controller

    Google mini NEW SELAED 2500 Amazon Echo NEW SELAED 2500 PS4 Controller NEW SEALED 3000
  15. mayank4823

    FS: Games GT Sport PS4 - Sealed Copy

  16. ! 0 t A

    FS: Consoles PSVR + Move Controllers + Camera (v2)

    Hi, Selling off my PS VR kit in very good condition. The PSVR kit (v1) was bought from the US so no local warranty and is about 6 months old. The Camera and Move controllers are both 1+ years old hence don't have warranties applicable. PSVR kit : INR 20,000 Camera (v2) : INR 3,500 Move...
  17. A

    FS: Games Uncharted 4 & Uncharted: Lost Legacy

    Hello Guys, Look to selling these two games. Finished both of them, played them once. Open to even trades for another PS4 games. If someone has God of war, that'll be great! But, anyway, have invoices for both. Purchased from amazon. Asking Uncharted 4: 1k Uncharted Lost Legacy: 1.5k...
  18. I

    FS: Games Ashes Cricket for the PS4

    Up for sale is Ashes Cricket for the PS4. Selling the game as i don't get time to play anymore. Box and disc are in immaculate condition. Anyone who can pick it up from my place will get a further discount of 100 bucks. Price is 2.5k including shipping. Would be willing to trade it for...
  19. Neo-N

    PS4 Games

    Looking to buy some PS4 titles - Scratchless disks and full box and inlay cards only please. Some titles I am looking for include: Driveclub Project Cars III Injustice 2 Tom Clancy - Ghost Recon Battlefield 1 Borderlands 2 Infamous - Second Son Diablo III Uncharted - Nathan Drake Collection...
  20. Sahil Sharma

    Need help finding a budget 4K HDR TV for PS4 pro gaming!

    Greetings everyone! This is my first thread in the forum and seeking help in buying a 55" 4K HDR TV primarily for 4K HDR gaming on Sony PS4 pro. Considering my limited budget, I am keen on VU 55" 4K Pixelight HDR TV. But is it any good for 4K HDR gaming on PS4 pro? Is there any motion blur or...