1. H

    WTB A Playstation 4 Fat or Slim

    I am looking for a good pre owned playstation 4, i've tried different sites but either they are a scam or people are highballing too much. I am expecting to pay somewhat around 9-12k, preferably in Delhi.
  2. S

    FS: Games Red Dead Redemption 2(ps4)

    Rdr2 - 1700 plus 70 shipping. No negotiation. Kolkata buyer no shipping. Condition very good. No scratches at all. Will ship it as per my convenience. Takes 5-7 working days for delivery. Will pack is very nicely but still buyers risk.
  3. C

    FS: Consoles [SOLD] Ps4 500gb Slim with stand and game for Delhi pickup only

    Selling my Ps4 Slim 500Gb updated to 8.00 firmware with stand. CONDITION: This Ps4 is used primarily to play exclusives as I prefer PC gaming. This should give you an idea of how less it has been used. Otherwise it usually just lies around untouched. Has minor scratches. WARRANTY: Nope...
  4. C

    FS: Games PS4 Games. One game free with 3+ purchase

    Buy all for Rs.4200 (Rs 500 discount, shipping free, NFS Rivals free) or individually. A single game will incur shipping charges at actuals. 2 games or more is shipped free of charge with NFS Rivals for Rs.100. 3 games or more= shipping free + NFS Rivals free. DELHI PICKUP ALSO AN OPTION = Minus...
  5. gamingstill

    FS: Games PS4 Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

    Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled . 5/5 condition.
  6. M

    FS: Consoles PS4 500GB

    PS4 500 GB fat version around 3.5 years old (ig?). With one controller. A friend's console, but with me now so can check whatever is required. This is the newer version of the fat console without gloss finish. Issue: The disc reader has some difficulty in locking in the disc. It goes in without...
  7. amitb

    WTB GTA V for ps4 required

    Budget is<1000 including shipping as I'm getting it for 1300.
  8. S

    FS: Games (ps4 games)Uncharted 4 & Infamous Son

    Selling Uc4- 500 ( Sold) outside forum. Infamous Second Son -Rs 500 Shipping Rs 70 extra each. Buy both for 1k shipped. Box and Game disc in very good condition. Will be shipped as per my convenient Will take 5-7 working days delivery . Will pack sincerly but buyers risk. Kolkata buyer...
  9. techno_funky

    FS: Consoles PS4 Games for Sale (added another game)

    PS4 Games for Sale as follow, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition - 600rs Sold The Witcher - Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition - 1200rs Sold Uncharted The Lost Legacy - 600rs Sold Need For Speed Rivals - 600rs Sold Farcry 4 - 600rs Sold Alien Isolation - 600rs Rise of The Tomb Raider- 20...
  10. C

    FS: Consoles Ps4 Slim 500Gb with AC Odyssey (For Kolkata Pickup) Rs.16000

    Selling my Ps4 Slim 500Gb updated to 8.00 firmware. CONDITION: This Ps4 is used primarily to play exclusives as I prefer PC gaming. This should give you an idea of how less it has been used. Otherwise it usually just lies around untouched. Has minor scratches. WARRANTY: Nope REPAIR/SERVICE...
  11. dazzwilliams

    WTB PS4 Controller dualshock V2

    Looking to buy a good condition Ps4 controller v2 preferably within warranty Budget 2k Bump
  12. M

    FS: Games PS4 Games - GTA V, Watch Dogs 2, PUBG

    Product Name: PS4 Games - GTA V, Watch Dogs 2, PUBG. Expected Price: GTA V - Rs. 750, Watch Dogs 2 - Rs. 500, PUBG - Rs. 500. Shipping charges: Rs. 50 per disc or Rs. 100 for all three. Description if any: All the discs in excellent condition. Reason for Sale: Not required...
  13. mayankcse10

    FS: Consoles PS4 500GB with Games and Blu-Rays - Pune Local Pickup Only

    On Sale - PS4 500gb console purchased around 2017-18 along with some games and blu-rays. Offer for self pickup only. No Shipping. Items Included: 1. PS4 Console 2. Box with all Accessories 3. 3 Games - God of War 2018, Arkham Knight, FIFA 15 4. 4 Blu-Rays - Narnia 1, Amazing Spiderman * 2...
  14. freelancer

    FS: Consoles PS4 slim 500gb bundle

    selling my PS4 500gb console, around 2 years old, used mainly to play exclusives titles. bundle includes : 1. console 2. 2 controllers ( 1 slightly used, other one never used.) 3. box and all accessories included 4. 4 games : dmc5, re biohazard, SOTR, fifa price : sold to @Pardeep Bansal...
  15. D

    FS: Consoles Ps4 slim 500gb

    Console is working completely fine without any issues whatsoever. No heating issues. Latest firmware (8.03) updated. Contents Include - 1PS4 500 GB Console , 1 HDMI Cable , 1 Power Cord , 1Dualshock 4 Controller. Was bought in May 2019 so not that old. Shipping: Local Pickup...
  16. sato1986

    FS: Consoles Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controller (version 1) v1 - New piece (UNUSED): 3000/-

    Sony PS4 Dual Shock Controller (version 1) v1- New piece (UNUSED): 3000/- Bought but never ever used Opened box to test, working properly Edit: Found Purchase order detials. Bought from (Dubai) (Previously known as
  17. sato1986

    FS: Consoles PS4 version 2.57 (with Purchase detials - Bought from - SONY PLAYSTATION 4 500GB Excellent with Controller and game: 18000

    PS4 version 2.57 - SONY PLAYSTATION 4 500GB Good condition with PS4 Dual Shock Controller (Good condition) with PS4 FIFA16 Game with PS4 Earphone with mic 20000/- shipping extra @ buyer's risk Edit: Attached PURCHASE ORDER (from (Previously & Shipping Detials of this PS4...
  18. N

    FS: Consoles Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

    Hello Selling my red gear pro wireless controller with accessories. working excellent but am used to ps4 controller design so bought a ps4 controller recently selling this.
  19. H

    FS: Consoles [SOLD] Xbox One + 3 Controllers + games

    Hi, up for sale: Xbox One 500gb console 1st Controller Black - good condition 2nd Controller Phantom Black - good condition 3rd Controller AF edition - OK condition Power Brick Games: Battlefield 4 Watch Dogs CONDITION: Good LOCATION: Chennai SHIPPING: Local Pickup preferred, can think...
  20. R

    Should i buy ps4 or play in cafe for exclusives?

    Heres the list of games i wanna play: Bloodborne Shadow of the colossus The last guardian The last of us remastered Uncharted 4 Uncharted nathan drake bundle Marvels Spiderman God of War Ghost of Tsushima The last of us 2 It will take me exactly 227 hrs to play all of these titles. What are...