1. rsaeon

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB Enterprise 2.5" SATA SSD (new)

    Product Name: Seagate Nytro 1351 3.84TB Enterprise 2.5" SATA SSD Expected Price: 44500 39500 Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL: Description: Brand new Reason for Sale: Abandoning Workstation Project Product...
  2. sanjeevram

    FS: Storage Hardware 1TB Seagate 3.5Inch HDD

    Selling Parts not using anymore, looking to upgrade. The HDD is in good condition. Will provide 4 Days testing warranty from my side. Also have a 500Gb 2.5 laptop HGST HDD 7200rpm Lying around. will create a post if someone interested.
  3. scott1391990

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 4TBx4 HDDs seal packed with 3 yrs warranty. Rs.7500 shipped, now

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 4TB Expected Price: Rs. 7800 each. Now Rs.7500 each Reason for Sale: Reselling RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: All are sealed pack Purchase...
  4. Digigear

    Storage Solutions Seagate or Western Digital? | Need a 4TB or 5TB portable HDD

    I'm planning to get a 4TB portable USB 3.0 hard disk that doesn't need external power. I'm looking at these two products:- Western Digital WD 4TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4 TB External Hard Drive HDD They seem comparable, except that the WD unit...
  5. leap

    FS: Storage Hardware SOLD Seagate 1tb HDD (Recertified)

    I got a recertified hdd after rma. Dunno if it's new one or not. If the price is high pls let me know. Thanks
  6. samiryadav

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 4TB 3.5 inch

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 4TB external HDD. Expected Price: Rs 4500/- SOLD OUTSIDE FORUM Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from infibeam march-2016 Reason for Sale: upgraded to 4TB portable RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  7. samiryadav

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs 3999/- (Fixed) SOLD OUTSIDE FORUM Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from paytm on 24-04-2017 Reason for Sale: upgraded to 4TB RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced. Product Condition:like new.only 100...
  8. samiryadav

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Firecuda 1 TB 2.5 inch SSHD

    Hi Friends, I am selling my Seagate Firecuda 1TB laptop SSHD, (Price is Negotiable if offer is reasonable) SELLER WARRANTY :- Under warranty with my laptop until FEB 2021.But you will have to ship the drive back to me to claim warranty. ONE FREE REPLACEMENT :- I will bear the both side cost of...
  9. A

    Desktop HDD

    Looking to purchase a desktop HDD 4tb capacity, Barracuda or WD Blue maybe.. Please PM me if you are willing to sell.. thanks in advance :)
  10. 6pack

    Storage Solutions New seagate 2TB hdd died suddenly

    My bad luck with internal drives seems to be on. A new seagate drive i bought few months back from Amazon (probably in March 2017) just died. And weird thing is it was in storage and not even attached to the pc. I just used it for 2-3 months just to copy stuff on to it and removed it from pc...
  11. Black_Hawk

    Storage Solutions HDD Caution Health Status - Help Needed

    Hello folks, I have this old Seagate BarraCuda (ST31000524AS) 1TB HDD that is throwing up a 'Caution' Health Status on CrystalDiskInfo. I wanted to know how bad this is? This is the entire screen capture of CDI for this drive: The 'Reallocated Sectors Count' has been stuck at 90 and has...
  12. 6pack

    Storage Solutions 5TB from Amazon global.

    Looking out for a new HDD for backing up my failing 3TB Toshiba disk. I had high hopes for the new hdd thinking it wouldn't fail after 3 months going strong but it got me. Amazon Global is selling the 5TB Seagate external backup drive for Rs 8609/- plus import fees + delivery charges, for a...
  13. D

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate Expansion 1 Terabyte USB 2.0 + CaseLogic Carrying Case

    Seagate Expansion 1 Terabyte USB 2.0 P/N: 9SD2A6-500 External Hard Drive (Black) + A Case Logic Carrying Case The drive you will notice has not been used a lot as shown by the total usage time and power up cycle. Has been carried around in the CaseLogic case for the entire period. The case has...
  14. D

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop USB 3.0 HDD [SOLD]

    Product Name: Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 Expected Price: Sold Shipping charges: -- Manufacturer page URL: Description: Works flawlessly. Note that this HDD requires external...
  15. D

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim + Hard Case [Sold]

    Product Name: Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim + Hard Case Expected Price: Sold Shipping charges: Depends on buyer's location Manufacturer page URL: Description: Item is like brand new. Fully functional, no...
  16. iosoft

    WTB Laptop Hard-Disk SATA in 1000/-

    Hello, I want to buy a Laptop SATA Hard-Disk within 1000/-. More than 250GB. The Hard-Disk MUST NOT have any bad-sector. Shipping to Kolkata. Max Budget: 1000/- I can increase budget only if it has any warranty left.
  17. darylemmanuel

    FS: Storage Hardware Dying Seagate 1TB HDD

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB HDD Expected Price: Rs 1200/- shipped Source and Time of Purchase: Aug 2013. Reason for Sale: Not in use. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition:HD Tune shows bad sectors. Purchase...
  18. jijojose79

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 2.5 Expansion 250 GB external Hard Drive

    Works excellent and sparingly used, you can still see in the plastic wrapping in the picture.
  19. S

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 3 TB Internal Hard Disk

    Can post drive health screenshots tomorrow, mods please do allow this thread until that time if possible, thanks! Looking for a local sale, will consider selling separately if the buyer is from Mumbai. Feel free to message me if you want to buy individual drives.