work from home

  1. DanteErodov

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer B227Q IPS Full HD 22inch 75 Hz monitor with Height Adjustment & more than 2 year warranty

    Product link: Want to sell this monitor, preferably locally otherwise shipping would be at buyers cost & risk. Price is fixed as this monitor is within warranty & a new one is sold for at least around 10k with offers. I got this...
  2. A

    Should I Use a VPN when Working from home?

    This question has been bothering me lately. I read on several places online where they suggested to use a VPN. I was wondering if its really necessary to do so or should I access the internet like I always did?
  3. B

    WTB IWTB Second Monitor

    Hi, I am looking for a second monitor for upcoming WFH. Ideal requirements 20"-22" 1080p Hdmi or Display port, though VGA would be fine too I guess Location: Bangalore Would like to buy it locally.
  4. V

    Work From Home (Rewriting Stuff) Easy 20k/month

    Hey guys I am looking for someone to rewrite existing 'forum posts' in their own words. Reference threads will be given and you have to pick the best 6-10 posts from it and rewrite it such that they look like new/original posts. The work should be delivered in txt files. Pay: Payment will be...