FS: Others 2x WD 1TB drives, Xbox one controller, CM K501L case, Wood wrist rest for 60% kb


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Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
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4 out of 5
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Purchase Date
Jan 18, 2022
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Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
over 1 year for HDDs. controller out of warranty
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Reason for Sale
selling HDDs for i need money to get supplies for my cat; plus other old items that i wasn't using
Primarily planned to sell my 2 drives to raise some fund for my cat who's going through a tough time now and being a student, it's getting hard to manage rn. Thought to club-in a few more items which were laying around since some time

  • WD 1TB 3.5" 7200rpm drives (2 numbers) - ₹2500 each
    • purchased in Jan 2021 from amazon to store and play games from and store media. but they mostly sit idle now for neither i game much nor watch media
    • in warranty for more than a year
    • am not sure if any same person will buy both since getting a single new 2TB drive will be better, but still if anyone needs, i will bundle them for ₹4400
  • XBOX One controller (non BT version) - ₹2500
    • used very sparingly, IMO less than 30hrs. even the texture on thumb sticks is as good as new.
    • my sister gifted me another controller during the same time which also had BT and hence been using that always
    • 3 days testing warranty
  • Cooler Master K501L mid tower case - ₹2000
    • my main case since june 2020 to oct 2022. no problem with it whatsoever
    • it has glass side panel but wrapped it with black vinyl after i bought Gammax 400v2 cpu cooler and it had permanent blue led fan
    • pcie cover slots need to be broken off on this unit
    • all dust filters are intact
  • Wooden wrist rest for 60% kb (29cm or 11.5inch) - ₹500
    • bought it from mkindia discord marketplace last year around same time. i use keyboard across various positions so having a wristrest around was not very useful and hence has been sitting in a box since Feb

I will pack everything securely with lots and lots of bubble wrap so be worry free on that front.
everything will be cleaned properly before shipping and hopefully you'll get an experience of buying a new item.
any more queries or suggestions, please drop a comment.


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