Amazon India lightning deals

Risk is there but I have yet to see someone complaining about SP taking too long for ssd rma while on the other hand I have often seen ppl complaining about 3-4 weeks of waiting for laptop/graphics card rma from well known brands.

My point exactly, there is insufficient data on this, and i would not take a chance with SP

I earlier used ADATA SSD for a boot drive for HyperV server, and both times the drive died within a year or so. Got the replacement immediately as the vendor had stock. But the second time it happened, moved to a Samsung and never looked back. The drive had very little writes. Eventually it was a Sandforce controller issue, but I stopped trusting ADATA.
Ignore " product description " and follow the "product name" on the same page!
Chasing the manufacturer's website :banghead:
Got it ;)

I pity the fool who gets mixed up in this.
Silicon Power XS70 2TB gen 4 nvme at 13k before discount on Amazon India . Has pretty decent reviews. Got for INR 8400 from Amazon US.

I don't know what is wrong with this product, but one of the video reviews shows heavy crying may be induced :


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