Amazon India lightning deals

4/8 tb prices have dropped in usa.


Got this Gadget Wagon 22'' to 35'' Monitor Desk Arm Gas Spring Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor 2kg to 12kg | H100 @ 3.5k, a couple of weeks ago after using Tukzer arm and realized I needed frequent height adjustment as well. Seems to be good for the price, holds up my 32" monitor without drama. Only thing missing is a quick release VESA plate like the Tukzer, but you can "hook" the monitor to the top 2 screws and then screw in the bottom ones, so better than the AmazonBasics mount for sure
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It shows SBI card discount only with EMI
Is that so ?
Yes only emi txn eligible for 10% instant discount in this offer.
4/8 tb prices have dropped in usa.
And even there the 4TB ssd still cost almost twice of a 4TB hdd so going by that logic I don't see 4TB ssd from established manufacturers going below 15-16k here under best circumstances.
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Evm ssd is TLC
Silicon power ssd are SLC.
I guess slc is better than tlc

Thanks. I was about to order it. Btw do you know if Synology allows to use SSD + HDD together? I searched but couldn`t get definite answer. My requirement is primarily faster access and secondary data security