FS: Laptop Apple Macbook M1 Air


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If u don't have the invoice u don't get the warranty, Though Apple care+ case if differnt.

It's available for 85k on Fk/Amaozn.
Yes I know 85 is the price online and also student offer... but I am asking where are u guys getting it for 74/75 in grey market in India as someone mentioned above?
With new changes Apple India is not entertaining warranty on imported Apple item.
thats false news, warranty is covered for imported ones if there is a invoice


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I dont think anywhere in India its available for 74k in grey market... any link or source would help..
in Blore grey market its still selling around 85-86k imported ones from US & Dubai
My brother in law bought it for 73500 from Gaffar market in first week of July.

product sold and shipped..

Congrats mate, If u don't mind Can u share for how much you sold it for.