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Sep 1, 2018
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Clearing out my room and letting go of stuff that have not been in use for few months or years. Purchase date mentioned above is indicative. All are in good condition, and work well. None of the items listed carry any warranty or invoice. What you see in the pic is what you get. No cables or accessories or boxes. Have priced them as minimum as possible, so not keen on negotiating.

Chromecast 1st Gen:
Was a hand-me-down. Works fine. Been out of use for more than 2 years since I got the Fire Stick.
Price: Rs.550 shipped
IMG_20220209_190000.jpg IMG_20220209_185950.jpg

Storite HDD caddy:
Was using this with my old Thinkpad, when I swapped the main HDD with an SSD. Was using this instead of the optical drive to house the HDD. Works well without issues. Laptop is long gone, so have no use to this.
Price: Rs.100 shipped
IMG_20220209_185840.jpg IMG_20220209_185822.jpg

Corsair TM30 Thermal Paste:
Was used only once to replace the thermal compound in my old Thinkpad mentioned above. More than 90% remaining in the syringe. Did a great job decreasing the processor temperature, and extended the usable life of the laptop for well over a year. The remaining thermal paste is perfectly usable.
Price: Rs.300 shipped
IMG_20220209_185745.jpg IMG_20220209_185724.jpg

Amazon Fire Stick:
The model number says LY73PR, which I guess is the 2nd gen fire stick, with the alexa remote. Remote does not have the volume or mute buttons or the quick access buttons. This was another hand-me-down. Replaced it with a new fire stick last year. This works perfectly fine, although the battery drain issue is there in the remote. Does not ship with any batteries.
Price: Rs.600 shipped
IMG_20220209_185627.jpg IMG_20220209_185644.jpg

TP Link W8968 N300 Wireless ADSL2 Router:
Bought some time in 2016 I guess. Was used for a couple of years, and then stored, since I relied entirely on mobile data for the most part of 2018-2021. Migrated to fibre in 2021, and bought a dual band router to go with it, hence this is not of use to me. Have the original box, in case the buyer is keen on it.
Price: Rs.400 shipped
IMG_20220209_185514.jpg IMG_20220209_185530.jpg
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