Corona-virus: medical tips and tricks thread


Sad, really. They won't take even 5 minutes of their " busy" schedule to read about things they don't know.
Most medics in India think they would remember everything after getting degrees and never read the textbooks again or listen to family members ( even if they are right)
In Europe it's very difficult to get away with this holier than thou attitude.


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You probably haven't seen a genuine 3 ply surgical mask mate. Try to feel in 3rd layer of your 3 ply " surgical" mask. There are plenty of idiots who think the carbon layer masks protect better. But in reality those masks are for masking the odour ( during dressing of infected wounds) they allow bacterias thousands times larger than a thread of RNA.
Who said anything about a carbon layer. I cut one up after using it and its two ply with folds so let's call it 2.5 ply. There is no third layer. It does have a metal strip so bonus points there. I use what i have and that's it. i'm not going to worry any more about this.

This thing is droplet spread, airborne is unlikely for most people to contract. Therefore every one wearing simple one ply masks or bandans are going to be contained out on the street.

That airborne thing was all the rage back in March where they thought you could catch this thing through the ventilation. Chinese even built negative pressure wards. Next month the ICMR said they found no cross ward contamination by air circulation. Hah, yeah so that theory went down quick.

The way people have been getting infected was through contact with infected people, like nursing homes. Not because of the air circualtion system.

This is why offices can now open up. No one is worried about catching something through the central air conditioning.

This is what happens, when someone who would probably faint seeing a surgery suddenly becomes expert after reading few online articles.

And your friend @ NYC seems to be a bigger fool than you are ( without any clue about how valves work in a mask.
You presume a lot don't you. lol. He goes for walks early in the morning, he's diabetic and has survived not catching C19 in a hotspot area.

No, the link you posted about mask, is absolute garbage.
The only mask related guide is available in NIOSH's website ( for years)
Americans use this precautionary principle that means those that are low risk are advised to wear N95. Why'd they do that because of liablity.

You brush aside an entire article with one word says it all.

That site is British, clearly explains what the risks are. I ain't intubating anyone, therefore my risks are 100 times lower than a health care worker.

And this is a reason i've unsubscribed from a few channels where these health professional talk because all they end up doing is scaring people. Thier fears are not applicable to the general public that only needs to follow simple, practical rules to avoid getting infected.

And quite frankly these doctors are useless right now. Do you have an effective treatment, a vaccine ? nah, you don't. Which means its all about management.

I follow those people not the doctors. I see plenty of cabinet ministers, cops wearning nothing more than surgical masks. These people interact with far more people than i ever would.

@ Arjun, brother, if you have to visit hospital again, please put on a N95 ( valveless) or 2 proper surgical masks ( most private hospitals are giving it for free for family members of patients) and a face shield. Normal glasses provide ZERO protection, as an elephant can pass through a normal eyewear to reach conjunctiva. Please don't listen to this cartoon ( who has never seen a real Corona patient yet and possibly never left his basement since lockdown and knows NOTHING about viral diseases)
A former head of the Korean response team mentioned glasses were good enough. I don't need to be out on the streets unless i have a good reason. People said to self-isolate, yes ? i'm doing that. My city is 75% with zero cases. We've contained hotspots. My state's performance so far has been excellent.

Therefore i have assesed my risk as appropriate. Most people here are in the same category unless they're essential workers. Pretty sure there are none on this board in that category.

Keep on fear mongering people, i ain't that gullible :)
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Can anyone suggest which mask to buy for me and my family? Amazon flipkart etc preferred.
Not sure if we should go with those blue colored ones or more expensive reusable ones.