FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance 32gb Kit + Gskill Ripjaws 2x8gb + WD 4TB Purple HD

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Before closing this thread, I think its necessary to post all the details about HD deal

Payment received on March 17 from @Soufosale and I shipped the drive with utmost care but turned out the drive detected twice in his system and showed signs of bad sectors etc... so we decided to get it repaired by company service center (I will pay repair cost)

He had to go to other city to do that and finally after a month yesterday service center confirmed that drive is not working (maybe they messed up we have no idea)
Now I offered full refund since the deal was to send him working drive and that didn't happen but he as a gentleman would not accept full payment saying he knew the risks so I suggested we split the losses 50-50. I've just transferred half amount and waiting conformation then we can close this thread.

Even though the deal didn't go through well but we got a great guy in our TE community. Would love to deal again man :)
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