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Brutally Honest
I've been listening to Nightwatch and Dragonforce on Spotify the last couple of days. Brings back memories. I love them.


Das Layzeemeister
I really don't know who on the forums has been around on the trance and EDM scene long enough to remember these - but back when trance was the real deal and proper sounding melodic uplifting stuff and not senseless machined stuff dished out as tunes these days even by some of the legendary names who've just lost the plot these days IMHO. I think the 90's and early 2000's was when the scene peaked with the best of stuff for euphoric and uplifting

These are just some of my favs: NuNRG for those that remember before they split up, gave us some masterpieces. Not only were they good but Paul van Dyk introduced them, took them mainstream and then his edits on the livesets took them to a whole higher level altogether back in the good days! back when 140 bpm + sounded amazeballs.

was sorting through my collection of trance over the years and found some of my fav sets. These are seriously euphoric and atmospheric in feel and are best experienced in a full surround setup! for those of you'll who have such audio setups - enjoy!


and if you wanna listen to most of these hits in one single liveset, I'd probably say this was one of the best that they ever put out, their Liveset recorded at Orgasmatron in 2002! Cheers!