FS: Monitor and LCD Dell Ultrasharp U2415 || 24" || 16:10 || 1200p


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New Delhi
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4 out of 5
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May 11, 2020
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Local buyers only
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Moving out
Selling my WFH companion. I am moving locations, so better sold to someone who will use it.
FHD+, 16:10. Ultrasharp series. Comes with a tiltable stand which can increase/decrease height.

You may check the specs here:

The screen works perfectly, and the monitor has no defects I am aware of. Expect some marks/wear from regular use on the silver colored stand. Hard to do anything about it given the material and colour.
Includes 2 cables from the box.
It didn't come with an HDMI cable originally, but I will add the one I have been using.
No box, but I have the wrap cover for it. (Hence, local buyers preferred)

Negotiable within reason.

PS: This is U series. U series has out of the box colour calibration, better connectivity and a few other perks, compared to P or S series.


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