Delta Fans 120mm, 120CFM HIGH SPEED LOW NOISE @ Rs 500 shipped.

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^Hw're you controlling these monsters? The usual 7v trick or a dedicated fan controller?
low_bass_makker said:
Ya....NICE and installed them all....LOL...PC turned to a server...but when controlled they are noiseless...solid fan 120 fan....

at what rpm they are noiseless?
I'll take 2*92mm fans plus 2 of the 3 pin to molex connectors that I pm'd you about

please pm me the bank a/c details
Installed the 120mm Delta yesterday and contrary to my expectations, this thing throws quite a good amount of air even when undervolted to 8v. Makes a very feeble hum and not NOISE. Reminds me of the Ultra Kazes I had.

Connecting these to motherboard 3-pin headers and undervolting them is a good option. :)

Grab these before the offer ends. :p said:
^ Very few are now left from the last lot. Newer ones would not be able to procure at this price. its better people take adv now :)

DAmn. :p

Pl keep one for me. Shall pay and take them this month end if its fine with you. :)

Need one for a good intake.

Get some 3 bladed Deltas if possible. :p
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