Delta Fans 120mm, 120CFM HIGH SPEED LOW NOISE @ Rs 500 shipped.

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Does these fans comes in the original packaging with all screws? If yes then I would like to buy two 120mm fan.
^Does not come with screws nor the 'original packaging'. Why'd you need the box anyway? :S

Dealer'd ensure that this thing does not get damaged in transit.
Delta AFB0912HH 92x25mm - Sleeved

Is this fan in stock cause u didn't reply to my PM asking for account details for this fan
Do you have any 92mm (25mm thick must) fan ....

If not can u let me know if you get any 92mm Delta or any other brand (quieter the better)

I need a replacement for my Vantec Tornado 38mm thick 53 db fan :(
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