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I never watch content a second time but I gave Fargo a shot since i had absolutely nothing to watch. Good thing i have short term memory when it comes to details from movies and tv shows, resulted in a good 10 hour marathon.
Billy Bob Thornton was perfect as the cold blooded killer and kinda reminded me of Javier Bardem from No country for old men.
The second half wasn't as gripping as the first five episodes and it was frustrating to watch Martin Freeman struggle to act in some scenes maybe because he had to mask his accent at the same time, still i'd give this a 9/10.


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The Strain is ****ing amazing. Loved it!
A little cliched to be honest - 10 bucks says his kid also gets infected in the future.

This would follow and underground zombie outbreak .. with some ancient evil source vs modern 'murican science.


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Neither did I, a bit too corny for my taste plus Anna Paquin's punchable face and accent.

Neither did i . Silly and over the top show. and Anna paquin is irritating and that fake accent on top of it. Quit after watching 10 episodes.


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On mobile so cannot tag everyone above but whoever mentioned about the accent of that girl in True Blood, I am so with you guys. I fcking hate this girl's accent.
I am done 5 episodes and am unable to connect with the show. I may watch may be few more episodes but don't think I will continue.
For some reason I felt instant connection with white collar and castle and some other shows.

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Y'all stop hating on Arrow and go watch that mediocre Agents of SHIELD show that continues to milk the reflected glories of the MCU movies. I am going to report you guys to the section mods.
Haha what's with the over-reaction. I actually hated the show. It was painful to watch. All that back story that was really really lame.. The villian wants to destroy the whole city because his wife died and nobody helped her? Just a bit lame.

Yes Agents of Sheild is mediocre. I do agree. But its still much better than Arrow and has some good moments and back story to the Marvel movies. Anyway, peace out.