Excitel now offers 300Mbps unlimited at ₹499 (If paid yearly)


Got the Excitel broadband for a year, till now no issues and the service and speed are good.
i pay around 3200 for three month hathway 150mbps plan. Excitel has recently been launched in my area. hathway comes with free router and this guy is charging 2000 more. Is it worth the switch and also is it better to buy a router from the market instead of him so that we can use it with some other provider? WIth Hathway being 13K per annum and this guy 7K plus router, seems like decent saving but Hathway being a listed large corporate may offer better reliability. Need to learn more about how large excitel is as a corporate.

I live in bangalore.

Just checked with my nephews in Hyd where prices are similar and they are happy with the connection. Assuming I go with 300 mbps please let me know what is the best modem/router I can buy from the market
Router is optional, but you need a fibre to RJ45 converter, which will be 750/- refundable. Router and converter = 2K
I am using a Mi router 3G with 100mbps connection. Since this is a gigabit router have no issues with speed, getting 106 -108mbps and ping 0 - 1msec in speed test.
Location is Bangalore.
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