FS: Video Card Galax RTX 3080 10Gb GPU

Dimensions(with Bracket): 329*130*61mm Dimensions(without Bracket): 317*113*61mm

I just checked, I have precisely 12.9 inches of space inside the cabinet. :p

What does with/without bracket mean? With bracket size is coming out to be 12.9528 inches (329mm)
Better to cut a pencil to the right height and stick it below the GPU to relieve stress on the mobo. These cards are chonky
30xx series cards are not that heavy compared to the huge heat sinks of the 40xx series. These work fine without any bracket support & run cool with good air circulated cases in room temperature.
One 3080 being sold to @thebanik . Shipping tomorrow. 1x3080 remaining for sale.
Shipment picked up for delivery today. Part payment received.
1x3080 remaining for sale. Bump.
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