GPU prices are at their lowest in 15 months, could fall to ‘attractive’ level already in May


It's true. PC gaming is not gonna last this year, let alone next year.
No man
AM5 or Alder Lake is costly due to their shift in chipsets

After 6months or 1 year everything becomes not so cheap like in sales in US but like normal in India as well.

Newer chipset along with processor change,
Newer memory interface,
Newer GPU bandwidth and PSU cables change
Newer PSU standard might be released to accommodate the newer GPUs by AMD, Nvidia and Intel.

All these above needs to settle down after they become only mainstream

Like A620 like mobos or B650 mobos with both ATX and mATX form factors.

All these changes need time man.



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Radhey Krishan
So what do you think are the chances that the 3060TI falls to sub 30k in India on official prices after the Nvidia event?
Never. Because if you are expecting that to be price for a new GPU, its never going to happen. Used, you might be lucky.