CPU/Mobo Haswell Pentium/i3 availability ?


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^^Which is a good point if you don't compare like to like. My G620 idles at 5W and full load is under 15W (one core full load). The i3 3220 is very similar, maybe half a watt lower. The above chart is a like to like reading and with the total system - not just CPU so the 4W difference at full load seems plausible and bring the 620T to a level very similar to your CeleronU. Of course, we are reading from three different units, but approximations are fine for the purposes of discussion.

If you do get a PicoPSU for a IVB/Haswell and compare directly to your Celeron, even a basic IVB Pentium consumes not as much power as the difference in TDP would have you believe. The difference, of course, is that the mobile variants and T versions have a much larger number of sleep states that help the OS fine-tune the power consumption further. However where battery is not the primary power source, the additional savings are negligible.

The point is that differences in power consumption at desktop level will not work out because you still have to power a monitor at least, which adds 25-35W to the footprint (in my case, 150W). Plus a disk - SSDs can be upto 3 to 4W, mechanical drives twice that. In that scenario, saving an average of 3-4W per running hour does not seem significant, at least not to me. The best way is to go off-grid - tablet/laptop. Desktop power optimisation is still a losing game. I went through this exact dilemma a few months ago, solved by buying a tablet. Just that saved me about 300/- a month on electric bills, it would have been more except that I started gaming in the evenings and that machine sucks down over 500W.

We've also long spoken of power efficiency and IPC 'bottom', which basically means there is a sweet spot between power consumption and efficiency and if the performance suffer to the point of tasks taking too long to finish, power savings are counterproductive. Intel has long suffered this fate in mobile, Haswell is really the first step to getting very efficient structures in place to ensure that power savings do not compromise system efficiency. Which is why you can see the emergence of the x86 (well, almost) mobile game console, which was kind of a stupid idea before IVB and Haswell came along.


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Thats because of the inherent inefficiencies at such low loads by the regular PSUs - no matter "bronze" or "gold" certified - you need a Pico PSU or external power brick to see a bigger difference...Core Temp will show you realtime power consumption (relatable to TDP rating) as well - my Celeron 1007U idles around 3W and full load around 8-9W....
The Pico PSU is not a standalone device; it needs an external power brick to supply it with 12V. An external power brick is again another SMPS, although since its rated for lower power it would be in the sweet spot. Looking at some of the PicoPSU + power brick combos being offered, I notice the bricks are rated ~87% efficiency > 50W (decreasing eff for loads below 50W; eg: 81% eff at 20W load).

PSU (in)efficiency affects both processors similarly, which is why we were only looking at the deltas. Lets say if the system draws 20W for Chip #1 and the PSU efficiency is 65% at that load, then the PSU input would draw ~31W. If the system draws 40W for Chip #2 and the PSU efficiency jumps up to 75%, the PSU input would draw ~53W. Thats still a (bigger) difference of 21W.

Anyway here's another example where they measure from the DC output side of the PSU to avoid including PSU losses, and the difference is still hardy 6~7 watts : http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/core-i5-2500t-2390t-i3-2100t-pentium-g620t_8.html#sect0
Core i5-2500T processor with the maximum declared TDP of 45 W in the end needs more power than Core i3-2120 with a 20 W higher official TDP
^ This is the point I was making - that TDP values are indicative rather than actual. And as cranky says, its a balance between the CPU using lower power vs how much time it takes to complete a task, i.e. 'performance-per-watt'.


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G620. TDP as reported by Coretemp.
At load:

At idle (oddly speedstep doesn't seem to be kicking in) :

I initially questioned these TDP values and assumed they were guesstimates, but it turns out Sandy bridge procs introduced some sort of digital power gauge and Intel has left it externally accessible by software.


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More than 4 months, no Pentium Haswells. Some kind of record ?!!!
Releasing i3/i5/i7 but not Pentiums in a 3rd world country. Why ?
Got a Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H from Newegg last week and it is still C1 stepping ! Haswell not selling well, large unsold stocks of IB ?


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with such high price of HW Pentium cpu the chance of of the availability of HS celeron cpus in here is very low.


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congrats :D you may be the first one to have a Pentium HW in here then [ at-least on online forums ] ;)


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Now price has shoot up to 69$...
Picked up 2 for 49$ each, total lending cost 4750 each not bad..


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Am awaiting the E3 Xeons, since will be buying in about a month or two + no point going for last gen. Usage - Zentyal all in one - UTM + DC + Files. Mail/Calendar/Contacts/Groupware too if I can manage it. Till then, will be going with an i5 rig. Planning to stick with IVB Celerons - they are quite capable. Zentyal is out for the time being.

Also awaiting the Haswell PDCs for one use only - QuickSync which AFAIK is there in PDC. Will have to check if I can setup some tasks just for fun.
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can pick this up - if there is a micro atx mobo recommended for it..
also seeing prices around usd 60 - where did you pick it up for usd 49, pm me the link

Pardon my ignorance because I have never shopped online, forget international shopping.
How did you purchase in dollars? You have american card?
And how is the G3220 working, read very good reviews about it, seems to have fantastic value for money for the great single threaded performance.[DOUBLEPOST=1394997351][/DOUBLEPOST]God just noticed, prices have gone up by a whole 20$. WTF