Heavy duty Monitor Arms for 32"or 34" monitors in dual setup


On a Journey called Life :P
I already own a Viewsonic 32" ips 2k 75hz monitor. I am planning to add a gaming monitor to my arsenal. was looking to buy a 32" or 34" ips 144hz 2k monitor. currently only able to find the 27" 2k 144 or 165hz monitor in market so lets see.

So the plan is to add them in dual monitor setup with monitor arms. I have never bought them before so no idea what to look at and how to determine the quality. I saw some YouTube video for basic single monitor form amazon but as I am searching for dual monitor setup as of now. no good video available from india.


On a Journey called Life :P
Have you seen these on Amazon -
Vivo Dual Monitor
Rife Dual Monitor
Amazon Basics Dual Monitor
Amazon Basics 2

All of these have good reviews, but I did not find any ones specifically for 32" except WALI.
I am using the single monitor arm from Amazon Basics, works well.
Do you think I a should buy 2 single arms then ?

like this one Elegant 32 inch aluminium arm single monitor

Also what do you think of is one form rifeindia its a 3 monitor setup but with gas chamber thing i suppose.
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