User Guides How to upgrade N73/N70 to respective Music edition

1.Update Nokia N73 to Music Edition

If you have bought a Nokia N73 you might be a little dissappointed that Nokia suddenly released the N73 Music Edition, and you didn´t wait for this, yeah?! Actually you can update your ordinary N73 to N73 Music Edition by using the Nokia Software Update with a little trick.

You should however be aware of that this may void your warranty if you proceed and follow the steps in this post. Is it worth taking the risk? Find out first what to expect in the new Nokia N73 Music Edition

1. Idle Screen 2. Main Menu - Check out the Music Icon


3. Default Themes 4. Music Player with Album Art


5. Music Player audio settings (Stereo widening )
6. Music Player Visualization - Oscilloscope


7. Music Player Visualization - Spectrum 8. FW Version..
Now that you've seen how the Nokia N73 Music Edition differs from the standard Nokia N73, do you still want to do it? If so, this is how to update the firmware:

1. Download and install Nemesis Service Suite.Software
2. Download and install Nokia Software Updater.Nokia UK - Phone software updater - Software - Get support and software
3. Connect your phone and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
4. Open Nemesis Service Suite and click "Scan for new device" on the right-upper part of the window
5. Click on the icon "Phone info"
6. Click on "Scan"
7. Change the product code to 0539343 and mark the case "Enable".
EMEA version product codes of the N73 Music Edition:

0537289 Euro 1
0539193 France
0539207 Alps
0539239 Euro 2
0539256 Turkey
0539265 South Africa
0539269 Scandanavia
0539278 Baltains
0539279 Russia
0539284 Ukraine
0539285 Bulgaria
0539289 Hungary
0539291 Balkans
0539293 Greece/Cypurs
0539294 Lebanon
0539295 Gulf
0539298 Israel
0539299 Romania
0539341 Belarus
8. Press "Write", and your phone's product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don't worry, the product code changed !).
9. Close Nemesis Service Suite and run the Nokia Software Update.
10. Make sure not to touch the cable or the phone while your phone is updating or else you will break it!
11. That's it! When you restart your phone, it should now be the Nokia N73 Music Edition!
2.Update Nokia N70 to Music Edition
1. Download NSS Software go to the bottom of the page and download.

2. Download NSU Nokia UK - Phone software updater - Software - Get support and software

3. Once you install NSS, click on scan for new device, make sure your phone is connected via usb

4. Once your phone details appear, click on the phone info tab, then click scan in this tab, then there are three blank boxes, on the one written product code, type in 0536418 , then tick the enable box, then click on write, this will only take 2 seconds. Now exit NSS.

5. Open NSU, then making sure your phone is conncected follow the steps, hopefully it should say thre is an update, if it says you have the latest firmware, just click on reinstall and follow the steps, this will now download a 46mb file, and will install ME sotware on your phone.

6. When your phone starts up again, it should start up with a green background...there you have it N70 Music Edition
Well differences of N70 vs music edition are a few themes, and of course the jump from S60 2nd Edition to the S60 3rd Edition.

I donot take responcibility of the usage of this article, it is being posted for informative use only

kindly note, updating to the music edition will VOID your warranty so proceed at your own risk.

I have successfully done this on both N70 and N73 too.

If you liked this guide reps welcome:hap2:


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ello fellow..
its really workd as u have mentioned...i m so thankful to you SoulFire...i have been looking for it since long time ago......tnx alot...
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ello fellow ..

i have upgraded my n70 to music more favor th help me with this..

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Guys,you do realise your voiding your warranty and for what ,a slightly better music player and better speed.There is also a risk of bricking your phone.
It's totally not worth the risk IMHO :no:


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Hey dude, im interested in your topic on how to upgrade N70 to ME, by the way im in the Philippines but my N70 is china product how can i upgrade?
Thanks in advance! great knowledge, great power!


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Anyone got a Nokia 6630 can't also convert the Ordinary Nokia 6630 to a Nokia 6630 Music Edition... obliviously the product will be different... google around for it or PM me for it...

Tried and Tested on my 6630... and it increase the loudness and clarity of the music...


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backup all ur contacts to ur respective memory cards remove the memory card from the cell phone after the backing up of contacts is done ,charge ur phone completely connect ur cellphone to comp open PC suite update ur pc suite then hit nokia phone updater and update ur phone just make sure while updating there is no power loss so see that u update with a UPS on ur PC or else u may screw up ur phone all n73 phones will be updated to n73 ME i dont know abt n70 coz ma n73 is updated to n73ME


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your post is really informative and usefull, but i have one question, shoud i do same trick with my N72 Mobile. currently in my phone has Symbian OS 8.1, Series 60 UI 2.8.

And after update it will be update my OS? Replay ASP.


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Great post! :hap2: I've just updated my N70 Standard to N70 ME as of today... Thank you! :)
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cant beileve a post 2 yrs ago is still helping people

@ ilove n70 unsure what the problem could be , try doing a sof reset of teh phone before you flash it and clear all memory contents . also a reboot works good sometimes....


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It wors Perfectly 101%....THANK U THANK U THAN U man......I was really fedup with what orange homescreen.....Thank u again bro....