IPL on Hotstar - Heavy Pixellation


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Even their pre recorded match clips are heavily pixellated in browser. Seems like their akamai cdn is over compressing the videos. Everything is in m2ts format which is like mpeg2 quality. Makes no sense when even android phones can decode 1080p h264 easily now.


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Just checked and its horrible. Every few seconds a small number of scenes have some pixellation and then some fewer scenesare completely distorted. Doubtful its an Internet issue from ISP/local and more to do with choked servers on Hotstar end. The video did not improve irrespective of free or if paid login was used. They need to setup dedicated servers?

If this continues, I think JioTV is way better.


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Yes, it seems to be hotstar compressing videos way too much. It doesn't look as bad on a 32" 720p TV but on a 55" Full HD set, it looks terrible. Switching inputs to my airtel HD connection and the difference is night and day! Doesn't seem to be related to Internet speed as all other content on hotstar looks fine.