Is LastPass safe?


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As the title asks. I have all passwords saved there, including my banking ones as well. Are these safe? I cannot even imagine writing down these stuffs, it's just way too many.


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Don't ever use any 3rd party applications to save bank passwords or banking details at all, never. Period.

You can use Chrome to save any tech forums or non banking sites passwords to easily login without typing them every time.


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Can you share hack stories of Lastpass please as I was short listing Lastpass and Onepass to try out?





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Thanks all for your inputs. I've decided to remove all the banking passwords from Lastpass and note them down manually. Just contemplating it is giving me a depression but I'll do it, may take indefinite time. Main problem will arise when I'll be needing to change the password as I'll for sure forget to note down the new pass on the moment.


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It's far, far more likely that the security of any of your accounts would be compromised by shitty security practices on the provider's side, like passwords in plain-text or weak encryption, unsecured DB instances left open, unsecured S3 buckets with sensitive data (all of which have dozens of examples over the past few years) than by a breach of the infrastructure of a password manager service.

I've been using lastpass for a few years now, been thinking about switching to Keepass, but not because of any security concerns I have.

remove all the banking passwords from Lastpass and note them down manually.

That's just not a good idea. Remove them from lastpass if you feel more comfortable with that I guess, but noting them down isn't wise.


Yes, LastPass is safe, secure, and easy to use. It uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely, and it includes many advanced multi-factor authentication options for extra layers of security. Don't worry it is the future.


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I have also been using LastPass for years now. yes, there were data leaks back in the days but that's ancient history now, they have learned from it and changed the way their security was implemented, I think it's much much safer than anything out there. If you want a fuss-free solution, LastPass is the way to go.

I use the free version and it's plenty enough for anyone's use case unless they want to share their passwords. One of my clients has been using "Excel" to store their passwords, and it's just a pain to maintain it, and will be any form of manual creation including writing things down on paper or book. I switched them to PassBolt as it's free and opensource for the locally hosted version.


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It's a bit on the expensive side.
it was cheap in earlier days and they upgraded the old user to lifetime pass when they introduced subscription. Nowadays almost most app uses sub based model which is like plague.
just curious, im using kaspersky total security which covers password manager too. 12-1400 per 3 year which includes couple of service.


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Guys need suggestions for preferably free or one time payment alternatives or cheap subscription ones. Lastpass is changing its T&C for free accounts to only allow single device type per free account. This won't work if you use lastpass on mobile devices and also laptops and such.