User Review My Love-Hate relation ship with the Redmi K20 Pro - Long Term Review

Your device? Have you used Evo X in the past?
sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification somehow. Yes, it is my K20 pro and I used Evolution in the A11 days but not anymore. Also I change Roms pretty frequently and am currently on Pixel Extended
I had got this phone in 2020 for 18k.
It got ghost touch in 2022. Great phone troubled by too many issues.

You're asking 12k for a 4 year phone?? You'll be lucky if it sells for 1/3 of the price at 4k.

I've bought this 1 month after it's launch date. It was my the best phone I've owned till date. It chugged along fine all these years till I lost it during a trip few months back (I was planning to replace it in 2025 but unexpected MIA). Ideally you would want to replace the battery & thermal paste for such an old phone like this. Service centers do not have spare batteries for this model (can ask if they have leftover stock) so your only option would be 3rd party replacements. I do believe it holds value to the right buyer willing to do a little maintence & tinkering. The main camera with GCam will rival any smartphone under 20K even in today's market. It has a competant headphone jack which is a cut above most average headphone jacks. The screen without a selfie camera cut out was nice as well.

I did shift to a custom rom after 8-9 months of owning the device so my experience will not align with most folks. I do believe the bloated MIUI ruined most peoples experience to an othewise excellent phone.
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I recently tried all the newest roms and the best custom roms currently are evolution X tied with crDroid, the animations and customisations are soo much better than the stock miui, it almost feels like a flagship phone.

It's amazing how well it works and handles heavy games. The only con I could think of was the short battery life when compared with newer phones.