Nationite Brainwavz M2 - The Killer Earphones @ Rs :2860/- Shipped

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Hi ,

I need not say anything more about these IEMS .The news is that i got a call from my delhi customs agent that they finally got this out of customs and its shipped to me .I anticipate delivery of the same this week .Hence I would Like to know who all on Te are interested to buy this iem .From The Few That i Am Getting i Already have preorders booked at my website for this.I would be able to spare just a few units to the Te clan out here .So post your interest if you like to buy this in the thread .Booking would be done in matter of posting done .Once i get the units in hand i will ask payment from the people in serial order .People who do not pay would Loose the Order and it would be passed to next member .The details of the deal are below .I am not asking for payment so no firing :) .We Also Have Fantastic Bundles with the Same

Fiio Amplifier Bundles : [ Kindly Select Bundles If you Want when You Checkout Of Lynx Website Once Material Lands ]

  • Fiio E3 bundle With Brainwavz Just Rs :275/- Extra
  • Fiio E5 Bundle With Brainwavz Just Rs :775/- Extra
  • Fiio E7 Bundle With Brainwavz Just Rs :2855/- Extra [ What :p Yes Its Correct ]

Update :12-10-2010 :

  • Material Now In Stock ,People Who Have Reserved Orders start Paying Up .I will Send All Of You Details OK
The Nationite Brainwavz M2 IEMS






Interested People :

  • I Know Many People Need It Hence i will Give a Fair Chance To everyone ,I Will Close this ASAP i Create It And Open The Same At 12:00AM Night Sharp Only .This is done So That People Who Are not Online Can also Get The Opportunity To Buy the Same .Next Lot will Come In a Month time Frame IMHO :(
    • Thread Now Open From 12:00AM to Morning 10:30 Am Only
      • Booked Orders Via PM
        • Apextwin142X 1 Units -> Ordered - > Payment Recieved -> Shipped -> Tracking Send
        • Dr.Sankadeep X 1 Units -> Ordered - > Paid -> On Hold Will Ship On 19th
        • Parv X 1 Units With Fiio E7 Bundle -> Ordered - > Payment Recieved - On hold as instructed .
        • thirumalkumaran X 1 Unit - > Ordered - > Got Payment - Shipping [ Could Not Be done Today Office Was Closed ]
        • Sivakuru X 1 Unit -> Order Placed -> Payment Recieved - > Shipped - > Tracking Send
        • Daredevil X 1 Unit -> Cancelled Backed Out
        • babloos X 1 NOS - Order Placed -> Payed -> Shipped -> Tracking Send
        • psyph3r X 2 NOS - Kindly Place Order - > No Order Placed [ Order stands Cancelled ]
        • ravin X 1 NOS - > Ordered -> Waiting for Payment
        • Sachin X 1 NOS -> Ordered - > Waiting for Payment
        • Draganball X 1 NOS -> Processing Order
        • Lots of Orders From Our Website Also .....
  • Competition Says "You Never Know What We Are Upto " Well Same Here Who Knows :p What We Are Upto Also .
  • Authorized Importer And distributor For India - > Nationite - where to buy
  • Dealers In Every City Is Required So Please PM If You Like To Stock And Sell The Product In your Location .



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Guys ,

As Per My Post the Thread Now stands Open Till 10:30 in the morning .We Already Have Few Orders Booked Before I Could open the Thread Via PM ,Added the List in the first Post ,So Attack Before they Vanish Lol .

Edit : 6 More Units Gone 2 My Website ....


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thirumalkumaran said:
Dear Amar,

Kindly Book one for me,

How does it sound with Ipod touch 4thgen & Nokia 5800 Unamped.?



No Amping Is Required ,It Works Fine As is ,I Will Put You In The Reserved List
dr.sankhadeep said:
I will take one....
Doc ,

you did Not See My Post i Already Added you to The List .


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FaH33m said:
better bass - YES.

More bass - No :)
Better Bass ,

Lol I Do Not think So ,Send Me Your Hippo Booms To Verify That ,Trust Me i will Return Them After a Few Days Like a Week Or So .


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hash said:
Thanks faheem .. Just what I wanted to know ... Your so good at this..

In audio always reserve your comments until you do not listen yourself and never believe what others say ,I Do Not Belive what He Or Anyone for the matter says .I believe my own ears .BTW You have anything to discuss with Faheem Please Do that In a PM to Him As That discussion Has Nothing To Do With the Deal Here .

@ everyone Else

Material Now

:p In Stock :p

How To Buy :

  • Kindly go to Lynx Chandigarh - Largest Audio , Electronic And Computer Online Superstore In India and register if you have not done this earlier .Then Kindly Go To this Location Nationite And add the product to your shopping cart .Then Proceed To Checkout and Go To The Shipping Page Select The Preferred Shipping Method And then Proceed To Payments Page "Cheque ,DD ,Money Order And ICICI Transfer/Deposits " Are OK With Same Rates But If You Have To pay by Credit Cards [Via Paypal] Then The Currency Has To Be Converted To US dollars And 5% Is To Be Added For Paypal,For This Just Select the I Will Pay By From Left side to "Credit Card/Paypal " .On The Last Screen You Can Write In Comments .For Any Clarification Please PM Me .After You Have Recieved You Product Please Do Leave Feedback Here .



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psyph3r said:
book two for me ..
I do Not think you should buy these as you have a problem with Saiyo IEMS that fit so well and commented that you have a issue with the same .IHMO brainwavz are for people with not so tiny ears .They would be of no use to you .Hence no point taking them sir they will keep falling off your ears .So i am not adding you to the list .


A Nobody.
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why the deal has to go through your site?....

why cant u just do it from TE?..

Generate traffic to urs?. if u consider this as a personal attack. so be it.


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I suggest you put it on ebay so that people can get a BT headset ( or someting else ....dashehra offer) for 6% extra.( i mean the M2+ E7 bundle)

Really good deal. ....for the e7 bundle.
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