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Out goes the old and in comes the new firmware. Here's the updated guide for installing Rogero's latest 4.30 v2.03 firmware on your Playstation 3. Courtesy of Satan. The rest of the transfer process remains the same and should any additional information be required, do post in the thread and I'll update it in this post. Happy updating! :)

This guide applies to everyone on the following firmwares:

OFW 3.55 and lower
CFW 3.55 and above

1.1) Remove any disc from the Blu-ray drive
1.2) Make sure to run a disk check from your PC on the USB drive that you will be using with your PS3.

2.1) Download Rogero Firmware (All-in-One) from or
2.2) Run the downloaded EXE file and it will extract several files to a location of your choosing. Copy the file named "Rogero_CEX_4.30_v2.03.pup" to your USB drive at this location - "X:\PS3\UPDATE\"
2.3) Make sure to rename the file to "PS3UPDAT.PUP"

3.1) Download MultiMan CEX BASE Package v4.14.00
3.2) Download Multiman CEX Update v4.15.00
You MUST install the BASE package first before installing the UPDATE.
3.3) Rename both files to something simple as mentioned below to ensure that it works

"MultiMan_CEX_BASE_4.14.00.pkg" and

3.4) Copy both files to the root of your USB Drive.
STEP 1 - Create a NOR/NAND Backup using MultiMan

1) Insert USB HDD / Pendrive into USB slot closest to the Blu-ray drive
2) Open multiMAN
3) Go to File Manager
4) With an External HD/Pen Drive in your right port (Closest to the Blue Drive)
5) Browse to any file (a short one preferably)
6) Click it with the Circle open the HEX Editor.
7) With the HEX View open press SELECT once to see lvl2 view.
8) Now in lvl2 view press START.
9) Answer NO to the first and second question.
10) The third question respond YES, ready now will be a full backup of your NAND/NOR on External HD / Pen Drive
STEP 2 - Upgrade the firmware to Rogero 4.30 v2.03

1) Connect the USB drive to your PS3 and navigate to
SYSTEM -> System Update -> Update from Storage Device
2) That's it. Make sure you have a stable power supply. The last thing you want if for the power to go off in the middle of the update process. Agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to install the firmware.
3) The system will reboot and your PS3 will now be running Rogero 4.30!
STEP 3 - Install Multiman

1) In your XMB (XrossMediaBar - The main interface of your PS3), go to the Games Icon and scroll up till you see "/app_home/PS3_GAME/".
2) Hit the (X) button and you will be taken to another interface which will show you a lit of all *.PKG files on your USB drive.
3) Select the MultiMan BASE package ONLY by highlighting it and pushing the (X) button. Then hit the (/\) button to process the queue.
4) Your PS3 will return to the XMB and you will see a new icon that you haven't seen before in the Game section of the XMB. Scroll to it and it will read "Install - Name of your package".
5) Hitting the (X) button won't work, so you must hit the (/\) button and then select "Install" from the menu.
6) Your package will be installed.
7) Repeat the same steps to install the MultiMan update and you're done!

1) This firmware is a worthy successor to KMEAW 3.55. Go ahead and upgrade guys. This is like the move from the original dongles to CFW. It's inevitable

2) Any Game Backup that requires any firmware up to 4.30 will work on this without the need for patches or modified EBOOTS anymore.
3) The only thing different about this firmware compared to KMEAW and the other older firmwares is that the *Install Package Files* and */app_home/PS3_GAME/* folders are merged in to one.
4) If you use a lot of homebrew packages other than MultiMan, you might not be able to get them to work on this firmware unless the package is specifically signed for it. Again, not a big deal if you only use MultiMan for Game Backups.
5) Downgrading back to KMEAW or other 3.55 firmware is possible.

As for transferring the games, well, once you download the games, you'll have an entire directory with it's GAME ID, example; BLUS30109 (Metal Gears Solid 4). This directory will contain all the necessary folder of the game inside it. To transfer these games, you need to connect your PS3 and your PC using a standard Ethernet cable first. If you have a Wireless connection, you can establish a Wi-Fi link too, however, I'm not aware of it's settings, since I have only dealt with wired connection, which is the best.

Once you connect both of them using the Ethernet cable, you'll need to get an FTP client for your PC to transfer these games. I use Filezilla. You can Google for Filezilla Client. Download and install it on your PC. Once done, we'll proceed to configuring the network settings of your PC and PS3 manually. So this is where you need to pay attention:


On Windows 7, head out to your Network & Sharing Centre - Change Adapter Settings - Right click on your network adapter - Properties - Select TCP/IPv4 - Properties - Click on 'Use the following IP address' bubble and enter the following:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server: Blank

Click OK and you're done on this part.


Go to 'Settings on XMB - Select 'Network Settings' - Select 'Internet Connection Settings' - Select 'Wired Connection' - Select Manual settings and now enter the following:

Speed & Duplex: Auto Detect
Address Settings: Manual
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Router:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: Blank
MTU: Automatic
Proxy: Do Not Use
uPnP: (Default)

Click on finish and you're done.

Now go into MultiMan and it's internal FTP server will automatically be activated. Once you have activated the FTP server, don't exit the manager, just leave it as it is & now switch to your PC and launch Filezilla client.

On the top, type the PS3's IP address in the host box '' and then hit the 'Quick Connect' button. BAM! You'll have all the contents of your PS3 displayed in the right hand side of the two partitioned section below. I think the main games folder for MultiMan manager is GAMES. It should be under dev_hdd0. So head out in there and drag your PS3 game folder from your PC (left hand side partition) and and drop it into the 'GAMES' folder on your PS3's partition. It will start transferring all the files. Once all the files are successfully copied, you can go back into MultiMan, click refresh on it's menu and you'll have your game listed in there. Launch it and it will take you back to XMB. Select the game from the DVD icon and launch it. It's always advisable to have at least once Blu-Ray game in the drive for better compatibility.

NOTE: Make sure you're putting the game files into the 'GAMES' folder in the PS3 and not the 'game' folder. Both are different directories.

To boot games off an external drive, make sure it's formatted to FAT32, create a folder called 'GAMEZ' (without quotes) and put your game folder in there (the one with the title ID: BLUSXXX). Note, some games have a single file which is larger than 4Gb and hence won't load on your FAT32 drive. So you'll have to transfer it into the internal drive.

To transfer files off an NTFS formatted USB HDD, here are the steps:

Connect your USB HDD to your PC, Go to Device manager, Click on Disk drives, Right click on your external HDD and go to properties. Click the "Details" button. From here you have to choose "PARENT" to get it's Vendor id and Device id.
EXAMPLE 1: USB\VID_152D&PID_2329\149B801081FF. So here the VID/VendorID= "152d" AND PID/productID= "2329"
EXAMPLE 2: Your CFG should look like this (CFG file is the USB.CFG file that comes with the download of Multiman)

V= Volume number. So it depends on how many partitions you have on your external HDD.

I have 1 so mine is :


Save the CFG file and copy it to a USB stick. Plug it in your PS3. Open MM's File manager and Copy USB.cfg to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR. Now to get the drive detected on the PS3, plug the USB HDD, press Start+Triangle button to load the NTFS driver. You drive should now be listed in File Manager.

Note: You can not play games directly via an NTFS drive, but you can copy them to the internal drive using MM's File manager.

Title ID Region Coding:
BCES/BLES = Europe
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From initial reports, there is no modding/modchip involved. Just a USB dongle that converts your system into a devkit. So it can run unsigned code and games off the HDD.


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Still a long way to tame the BEAST.....awesome machine by SONY....but in and indirect way its hurting the sales :p


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Ok so how does this work? And any idea when this is going to hit the markets? Would really go in for the PS3 if this jailbreak works yaar.

Its sold out on the web link shown above. And I can't find many reviews about it online. Any link detailing how it works? I've a couple of people going to Australia in October so I can have multiple pieces brought into India if this thing works.


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Maybe this is the reason ??

Sony: PlayStation 4 games already in development

According to Game Informer Australia, Sony is already preparing games for the upcoming PlayStation 4, the console which has not even been announced yet.

Rumors of the PlayStation 4 have been around since the start of the year, with most expecting a 2012 launch.

While Sony's talk of games is not a direct announcement of the upcoming console, it does make sense that the company is preparing its publishing partners for the eventual launch. Most games take over 16 months to develop, so it is completely necessary for developers to know the specs of the new console at least a few years before its launch.

Sony has long said the PS3 will have a decade-long lifespan, and we are currently only in the fourth year of the life cycle. The now aged PS2 had a decade long lifespan as well, despite the PS3 being launched in 2006.

The company did not comment on the story, but Game Informer has it in their news section, not in the rumors section.



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apextwin146 said:
w00t!!! I just bought a PS3 and this happens!!! Is it(modchip) dependent on any firmware?
they showed it on Old PS3....have to wait n watch :p

Also the GAME DUMP files would be HUGE !!!


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i am no expert but its kinda of soft mod to bypass, in the kit they are giving a USB and also will provide support incase sony is able to put a stop for this misuse and there is an upgrade. By default the patch will disable the sony auto update feature. The distributor list will be updated in 48 Hours Legit sites are

PS JAILBREAK - WORLDS 1ST USB CHIPSET (the ones who did it)

PSX-Scene (forums who officially posted it on the interenets, the thread PS Jailbreak - PSX/PS2/PS3 Scene Newz ), Australian Supplier of WiiKey, Drivekey, M3, R4DS and CycloDS (the ones who are testing it and if confirmed .... you know)

Now the testing part takes time as dumping it on the hdd from the dvd/bluray takes its own sweet time.

In a week you will know for sure. Don't hurry. Please stay calm :)

their are fake sites so please stay away if someone is offering any pre-orders or other bullshit


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Support notification:

PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.

Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step.

Compatible with all production models FAT and SLIM. Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA

PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.

Supports all games (it does not allow backups of bluray movies , dvd movies , or past consoles games)

Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive blueray burners and costly blank media.

Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the blueray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.

Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.

Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.

It's better to wait and watch for this thing to be confirmed properly.