Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

The Fall Guy (2024) - 7/10

Enjoyable flick! The action sequences with the 80's tracks were amazing to watch. Ryan Gosling was great.

Crew (2024) - 7/10

Nice, fun afternoon movie without added tensions. Great to see Bebo back in her quirky groove.
Recently watched movies:

The fall guy: 7/10
Mad Max Furiousa: 6.5/10
The boy and heron: 8/10 It had the vibes of spirited away.
Godzilla minus one: 9/10 Hollywood gotta learn
Godzilla vs kong: wtf/10
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: 8/10 Boosts your test
Madgaon Express: 7/10 A gem of a movie. Don't miss it.
Desh Drohi (2008): 2/10 the movie is so bad it's good. You don't laugh with the actors, you laugh at them.
Furiosa: 7.5/10. Action set-pieces not as many as Fury Road in quantity but they are bloodier.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire: If you enjoyed playing with action figures as a a kid, re-experience that as a movie. Very cheesy and cartoonish. Kong is basically 3 Avengers blended together. (Hulk, Thor, Iron Man). Also movie is very short, just under 2 hours.
Recently watched movies:

Desh Drohi (2008): 2/10 the movie is so bad it's good. You don't laugh with the actors, you laugh at them.
I remember watching it way back when it was released. I watched it for about 40 mins or so..couldn't continue.

But admire Gracy Singh's commitment...from Lagaan, Munnabhai to this shit. She may have said yes to early project and didn't wanted to back off.

I also wonder is KRK so rich as to produce his own movie with such big actors .
That movie had quite good casts.
Shaitaan (2024).. Idk what to rate. Maybe 1/10

Didn't feel even a little bit scared at any point. Plot was completely predictable right from the beginning to the end. The story felt weak. At points it did feel gross but that's all. Disappointed with all the hype here.


I knew what was gonna happen the moment Janhvi had that laddoo. When Kabir told his son to do a work while pointing at that recording device. And when Kabir didn't pull that knief out of his hand. In fact when the women attacked him at the entrance, I was expecting him to make use of that knief-hand. But he didn't until the end. I thought Dhruv was gonna use AI and make a custom recording using Madhavan's voice. Didn't happen.