Should i buy ps4 or play in cafe for exclusives?


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Heres the list of games i wanna play:

Shadow of the colossus
The last guardian
The last of us remastered
Uncharted 4
Uncharted nathan drake bundle
Marvels Spiderman
God of War
Ghost of Tsushima
The last of us 2

It will take me exactly 227 hrs to play all of these titles.

What are gaming cafes charging for 1 hr of ps4 time? Do we pay for the game copy as well ? Note: playing singleplayer games around people blows

And what would it cost me if i buy a used ps4 along with all the mentioned games? Note: i have no friends so exchange/sharing games is not an option, i would have to buy all of the games individually.

Thanks a lot in advance


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You'll need a lot more than exactly 227 hours for all these games. Gaming cafes charge exorbitant prices (150Rs per hour). It is ideal only when you are accompanying your friends and want to play multiplayer while making a lot of noise :p
My advice would be to buy a PS4 and play the games in peace at your home. A used one will cost 17-20k. Pro would cost slightly more. Get PS4 Slim over the fat PS4 as it has much better thermal profile.


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best thing would be to buy ps4, play the games at your pace and at your home and then resell it. there are many shops which sell used ps4 games like Cex india, olx etc


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As what @Shubham1401 i really hope that you didn't base most of the number of hours off of since that site gives off a rough estimate based off other people's input. Also if you're going to even play it in a gaming cafe (are they actually open now?) and you're gonna go by the hour, you're really not going to enjoy playing most of these titles at all since you're going to end up rushing through the games and not really taking your time with it and gaming cafes are for more social multiplayer games and not a location at all for singleplayer stuff imo. For used games there's also IVG which has more listings than techenclave here.