Budget Above 25K Smartphones for Student and Employee


Hi everyone,

I’ll make this short and simple:

I’m not very knowledgeable about smartphones. I understand specifications, but that’s about it.

I’ve been working for a few months now, fresh out of college and I want to change my phone.
-> I commute to and fro work and sometimes, I also have to travel for work.
-> Most of my work on my phone is data-based and/or just communication on WhatsApp, emails, calls etc.
-> I like photography, but I don't indulge in it (unless screenshots are considered photography...then I do indulge in it)
-> I use very few apps
-> I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 currently

Even my little sibling, who is about to join college, is on the lookout for a phone.
-> Enjoys light gaming
-> Obsessed with photos (both selfies and other types of photos)
-> Texts way too much, even at night
-> Was using our mother's Samsung Galaxy J7 because school did not allow their students to have phones

Could someone kindly mention the specifications that would serve us each, the best?

We would appreciate it a lot if you could keep your recommendations restricted to the specifications provided by OnePlus/Samsung Galaxy/ iPhone/Google Pixel. We had narrowed down to these brands because we thought they provided value for money (but then again, a lot of our perception of “value for money” comes from the popularity these phones enjoy, which may not be the best indicator).

Thanks so much!


Clueless About Phones


I doubt, As he mentioned Pixel and oneplus they both cost above 35k.

@mantaray If not on a budget I would say buy the note 9 that's the latest phone as of today, Also oneplus and pixel both gonna bring new phone in couple of months 6T and Pixel XL 3, So buying their the older model does not makes sense.
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While Motorola’s popular Moto G line (currently the G4) is probably the best unlocked budget phone on the market, it comes in at $200. Even at that price the Moto G is a true steeal, but for price-sensitive students, this might be out of their budget after spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on textbooks and school supplies.