1. lockhrt999

    Android Call recording mess on Android | What to do going forward?

    Call recording which used to be a simple thing in the past has become headache on Android thanks to Google. Bad Google, bad google. Google has a long tradition of forcing american traditions or laws on rest of the world. Nowadays many mobile makers barring Samsung, OnePlus (?), RealMe (?) are...
  2. lockhrt999

    After the JioPhone success, Reliance-Google partnership presents JioBook | A laptop at 15k

    There you go. This brilliant Make in India laptop developed by Reliance-Google partnership runs on operating system called JioOS. This JioOS is developed by a chinese firm called Bluebank communications. It's an upgraded version of Android with Motabhai's own Jio Store. Because let's face it...
  3. nsas02

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 4a (Just Black, 128 GB)

    Selling my Pixel 4A. In perfect condition. Have used it till last week and have factory reset it now. Selling now because I've purchased a new device. What do you get for the price? 1. Pixel 4A mobile in excellent condition 2. Original Charger with Original Box 3. Silicon back case An...
  4. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 6 5G (Kinda Coral, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

    Product Name: GOOGLE PIXEL 6 Expected Price: Rs. 36,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: 09/12/2021. Reason for Sale: Something different. RMA/Servicing history: No. Product Condition: 8.6/10. Product Location: Kolkata. Preferred Courier: Any reputed courier, shipped and insured. Shipping...
  5. rkkaranrk

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 7 pro 128gb

    Product Name: GOOGLE PIXEL 7PRO Expected Price: Rs. 78000/- Source and Time of Purchase: 25/10/22 Reason for Sale: Wanted 256gb and white friend brought hazel 128 from dubai RMA/Servicing history: No Product Condition: Mint 9/10 Product Location: AGRA, UP. Preferred Courier: Dtdc/Bluedart@...
  6. m0h1t

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 3 (White 64GB) - Rs.7000

    Google Pixel 3 64GB White - Rs.7000 (Shipping at actuals) India, December 2019 purchase, invoice lost Great condition, screen protector and case from day 1 This was my secondary phone since 2020, so sparingly used Battery in pretty good shape, when it's sitting idle, battery easily lasts ~3+...
  7. S

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 7 Pro (Obsidian, 128 GB) (12 GB RAM)

    I have one spare order for Google Pixel 7 Pro (Obsidian, 128 GB) (12 GB RAM). Ordered for a friend who has backed out. Anyone in Delhi NCR, who is desirous of getting one but could not get to order due to stock depletion, may get it from me at the deal price of Rs. 73778/- with the best...
  8. T

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 3 (Clearly White, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

    Selling this for a friend. The screen as well as the glass back are virtually scratchless as seen in the images. I only have the phone with me at present. I have been informed that the original box or accessories are unavailable, but a Samsung charger/Type-C cable will be included, if needed...
  9. rkkaranrk

    FS: Mobile GOOGLE PIXEL 6 PRO 128GB

    Product Name: GOOGLE PIXEL 6PRO Expected Price: Rs. 57500/- Source and Time of Purchase: 21/7/22 Reason for Sale: Done playing RMA/Servicing history: No Product Condition: Mint 9/10 Product Location: AGRA, UP. Preferred Courier: Dtdc/Bluedart@ Buyers Risk. Shipping Charges: At actuls Payment...
  10. bhp91

    FS: Home Audio Video Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

    For sale Google Nest Mini 2nd gen. Expected price: 2000 + shipping extra. Item is in brand new condition. Has been lying unused right from when it arrived. The box still has outer plastic wrap and is unopened. If the buyer wants me to open it and check before shipping then I can do that else I...
  11. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB Sorta Sunny

    Product Name & Details : Google Pixel 6 Pro, Sorta Sunny color, 128GB Expected Price : Rs. 51,000/-. Source and Time of Purchase : NA. Reason for Sale : Something different. RMA/Servicing history : Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition : Functional 10/10, perfect. Cosmetic : 7/10 - Decent...
  12. T

    Firefox and Chrome are squaring off over ad-blocker extensions

    As expected, Google is trying its best to cripple adblocking extensions, besides allowing for more data collection. This is likely to also be enforced on Chromium as a whole, so have to see if other Chromium-based browsers have the guts to diverge from Google. As of now, only Mozilla has refused...
  13. P

    WTB Google Chromecast Audio

    Looking to pick up multiple. Please DM. Thanks!
  14. Karthik G

    WTB any Google Pixel under 5k in good condition and battery

    shoot me your offers with all possible details
  15. subham

    FS: Mobile Google pixel 2

    Google pixel 2 Back glass is a bit broken And battery is on down side Functionality is perfect Camera still outperforms many smartphones with much higher price and performance is also decent thanks to SD835 and pure Google OS
  16. prime

    FS: Home Audio Video Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant with Google Assistant Smart Speaker (Charcoal)

    Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant with Google Assistant Smart Speaker (Charcoal) This is brand new, seal packed. Price Rs.2000. Local (Gurgaon) pick-up preferred but I can ship it at buyer's risk and expense.
  17. The_GarlicBread

    FS: Home Audio Video Google Home Mini @ 2K

    Hey Guys... Got this Google Home Mini with my Canon G3010 Printer in August 2020.. I just used it for a day and didn't really get the hang of it and put it in my store.. and Forgot about it.. Just a Few days back...I was cleaning the store and suddenly found it... It was just lying there... So...
  18. rybka

    How to fix a “Your connection is not private” error

    Hi All,Friends whenever I try to visit some popular websites using chrome browser It gives an error that "Your connection is not private" and there is a link to browse unsafe, I want to know How to Fix "Your Connection is not Private" Error on Browsers? Mainly in Google Chrome. browsing in...
  19. B

    WTB Google Pixel 6 Pro

    Looking for two Pixel 6 pros 256GB (unlocked for India)
  20. akhilgopal

    WTB Google Pixel 6 / 6 Pro

    Hi, Looking to buy Google Pixel 6 / 6Pro. Kindly PM me incase anyone is planning to import and sell. Thanks, Akhil