The "Everyday" show-off thread !


Up! Up! Up!

Got lucky on OLX Today :)
Bought this puppy for 2k Including the adapter.
Supports 3 DP outs.

Was searching for anti-showoff Thread, but couldnt find it. so here.


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Did you get the massage gun in India? A mini-review + cost?

No, In UAE.

This the cheapest one which I was able found and i’m using for neck,instep arch and head. Basically i use in lowest speed and control on pressure by hand. Its relax the muscle and i only use ball type attachment.


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... Cordless Flosser ...
It is supposed to shoot a stream of water onto your teeth to remove plaque. Will try it tonight.
The matter probably is gross, but please do post your experience. Itching to get this since I saw your post. Had no idea something like this existed. Also, is this model any better (apart from being corded, which I tend to prefer) and did you consider it before picking yours: