The "Everyday" show-off thread !

It was. And totally worth the views.

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This April when i was flying near Kareri lake above dharamsala; i saw some people training mountaineering on a glacier. I just flew over them and they were cheering. Looked like a two day hike with camping just below the glacier. They were around 10k msl. I think someone organizes it probably…
Somewhere here…
Hey! I'm already a part of the discord group & subreddit. Posted a few times there too. We were going to do a group buy but then at the end some people stepped out. But it is pretty cool that custom keyboards are now possible. How much did it cost?
Total with PCB and case ~3k. Already had switches, stabs and promicro etc. I am actually running GB for FRLTKL, do check out if you are interested.
Late update but got a LG C1 48in for 73k last month along with Samsung B570 5.1 soubdbar for 27k.


I was looking for a tv under 75k and as diwali was over all the deals were gone and c2 was not below 88k here. Surprisingly reliance digital had a 48 c1 packed piece and offered for 73k including cashback. Wasn't going to get a better tv for that price so grabbed it.

No damages to the stuff, bought new from Amazon and came in pristine condition, thankfully.


₹7k for the Echo and ₹119k for the laptop.
Wanted to share pictures of my keyboard with the community - the one on top is a K2V2 with akko starfish switches (lubed with 205g0) and akko macaw SA profile PBT keycaps. Also has tape and foam mods, clipped and lubed stabilizers with some Petrelplus Dielectric Grease

The one on the bottom is a RK84 with a painted skirt, TTC Hey Linear switches (lubed) and XDA profile Honey Milk themed PBT keycaps from yong-qiu. Has tape mod done on it, needs some more work :grin:


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Aftermarket bolt-on parts for my Aerox. All of them were imported from ASEAN countries through a friend or hand-carry them when someone is returning.

From left.
  • YSS DTG adjustable suspension. This is a must for anyone buying Aerox. The stock suspension is designed to shatter your spine.
  • UMA Racing CVT kit contains a CVT pulley and rollers.
  • RCB brake levers, mostly aesthetic mod, to color match the body.
  • Zhi Pat adjustable windscreen base plate.
  • Max Windshield, this is borrowed from Honda ADV.
  • FassTek torque spring. (part of CVT upgrade kit)
  • NCY gear kit. (part of CVT upgrade)
  • TDR steel braided hose for the front brake.
  • UMA Racing air filter.
  • Transparent air filter box.
  • 265mm front disk.
  • 7.2 ltr fuel tank (top)

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