Wi-Fi Cards: Intel 9260, Intel 9560, Intel AX200, Intel AX201 and Mediatek MT7921


Looking for intel ax200 for Asus fx505dy . Presently using the crappy Realtek 8821CE
Available ?
2. This one have one MHF4 connector re-soldered after it was accidentally ripped off from PCB due to excessive force while removing the wires.
Works perfectly (personally tested it in my main PC for 1 week)
Rs 1400 shipped (2 weeks testing warranty)

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AX200 quoted above is the last piece remaining.
Card is 100% functional and is working flawlessly.
Will provide working pics and warranty.
If interested then please let me know otherwise Intel 9260NGW is also a very good option.



Intel 9260NGW

WiFi5 , Bluetooth 5.1

Rs 1250 per card

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Intel 9560NGW

WiFi5 , Bluetooth 5.1

****9560NGW modules are CRF (Companion RF), not true M.2 Wi-Fi (via PCIe) + BT (via USB) cards.
They are only compatible with a system designed for the CNVi (Intel Integrated Connectivity).
9560NGW cards works only with Intel selected platform****

Rs 1250 per card

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MediaTek MT7921

WiFi 6 , Bluetooth 5.2 (This card might be WiFi 6E as noted by @Titokhan on #4 post in this thread but I am still not sure so please assume this as only WiFi 6)

Rs 1500 per card

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Intel AX200

3x AX200 remaining check this post #44 for their details.

Wi-Fi 6 , Bluetooth 5.2

Rs 1800 per card

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Intel AX201

Wi-Fi 6 , Bluetooth 5.2
****Please note that AX201 is a CRF module (M.2: CNVio2) that uses the Intel proprietary interface, and thus can only be used with select Intel chipsets and platforms.
(CNVio2 support only for 10th CPUs & later)****

Rs 1350 shipped per card

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Desktop Antenna Kit
(1 Kit = 2x Dual band antenna + 2x Pigtail Connector + Case bracket)

Rs 350 per kit

(This set it required to use the WiFi cards in desktop motherboards with dedicated M.2 Socket (Key E) type 2230 WiFi/BT PCIe module slot.)

***This Antenna Kit will not be sold without a WiFi card as I am selling it cost to cost to those who buy a WiFi card.

***If you just need antenna or pigtail cables then please check post #9 on this thread.

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*** Shipping cost is Rs60 via Bluedart Surface and Rs80 via Bluedart Air
*** One week testing warranty from the date of delivery.
*** Buyer is requested to make a proper unpacking video without any cuts showing the shipping label and product clearly.
*** Buyer have to bear one side shipping cost in case of replacement and if the card is DOA (dead on arrival) I will bear shipping cost of both sides.
*** Discount for bulk buyer
*** Please check the compatibility with your system and do a proper research before buying.

*** If you have any question or query please feel free to contact via PM I will be happy to help.
How can I place an order? I am new here. I needed

Intel 9560NGW