X360 - Reset Glitch Hack thread


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New Product Squirt has arrived which is now know as RGH 2.0 it promised to do everything which RGH 1.0 could not do it.


Team Xecuter and has also released their RGH 2.0 or should I say they have been forced to release it today. TX claim that their RGH 2.0 code was stolen by their co-worker and released it in collaboration with Squirt 360.

And Basically RGH 2.0 Doesn't let you improve the glitch timing(I was expecting it that we won't have any timing issues), It just gives you the advantage to hack those CB versions which were till date not hackable for Fat Xbox 360's.

I guess TX were waiting to tweak their RGH 2.0 for better timing's but unfortunately they had to release it, so probably i guess we will have to wait to see some more enhancements to the RGH 2.0 process.

News Source:- http://team-xecuter....ead.php?t=82702


where can i find a person in chandigarh to do the RGH hack for my box.

what is the average cost for RGH done?


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Xbox n00b here.

Last week I had RGH'ed my xbox. The guy told me its RGH2.0. But how can I know - and anyway, what shall be difference?
He had already put XEXLoader in it.

Few queries:
1. Can I use a 2.5" HDD with this to load games from? (I don't have any with me. I am using a 16GB pendrive)
2. Which format of the games are recommended? The GOD or Extracted ISO (.xex)? I have tried one GOD game from FSD. But FSD crashed when I put BLOP2 GOD in the drive. (I had used FSD from pen drive itself)
3. Yesterday I saw some strange thing. The pen drive get corrupted as soon as I connect it to the xbox.
I had put some extracted ISO contents, connected to xbox- it didn't read the pendrive. When connected to PC i saw the contents were gone. Only some files with names as "special" characters were there. Any clue why that may happen?

btw, I had paid 2200 bucks for the modding. Is it a good price?
(Shop - Infinity Video Games, Chandi Chowk, Kolkata. If anyone needs I can share the mob and shop location.)


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RGH 2.0 is executer glorified name.

1. Yes
2. I always prefer Extracted , you need to do some googling here.
3. You need the drive to be formatted to FAT32

Most of the things cannot be answered here read up on internet and you will be answered


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Wow...That is way too good price man...Here in bangalore they are asking for min 4K...

Anybody know modders from Bangalore?

Prices can vary if different chipsets are used. The original TX CoolRunner Rev C chipset alone costs USD20. The guy who modded my Xbox said that cheaper (China-made) cost USD5-6 and many modders are using that to cut cost. Therefore, you should make sure which chipset the modder is going to use. Google for fake CoolRunner chipsets, and you will know.


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Hi Guys,

My Phat XBOX 360 is currently on LT 1.6 firmware (been out of gaming for some time) and i would need to upgrade the firmware for the same. Which would be the best option for modding as of now (i.e) would the reset glitch hack be better (or) would it be better to upgrade to LT 3.0 ? Sorry for the Noob question , been out the game for a while.

Also any places in Chennai where the Reset Glitch hack would be done ?


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Just a quick query,
I'm getting an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB with the following Dashboard and Kernel Versions.
D = 2.0.11574.0
K = 2.0.15574.0

Is this RGH'able ?


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i have a modded xbox 360 slim 4GB bought last year on dec 15. no idea if its having LT2.0 or what but i can play forza 4 and gears of war 3 on it.. DVD drive : lite on DG16D4S 9504 dashboard version: 2.0.13599.0 can i get RGH on my xbox?? how much it'll cost?? is it a DIY job ? [no1 mods xboxes in my city]