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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    What's the issue with funding by Ford foundation?
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    Gt710 ddr5 compatibility

    Which motherboard? What GPU were you using before?
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    Budget 0-20k Need home and office use laptop

    This AMD chip uses the old Bulldozer architecture, not the new Ryzen architecture, so best avoided. The i3 8130U will easily outperform it.
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    His cousin is bumping the thread.
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    Rest in Peace Udit. I too kept looking at his market threads being bumped and was relieved thinking he'd outlive us all :(
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    Inverter Ac 1.5t under 30k

    Sanyo has one for 33K. It's a rebadged Panasonic.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    The 970 Pro 512GB is also there for 13k :-
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    Refrigerator energy consumption

    Can you get me a closeup of the edge/bezel around the glass shelf? We got the 472QPZX, and there's a really large/long plastic bezel around the glass shelf, that has already cracked within 2 weeks of ownership (not sure how it happened).
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    Budget 10-15K Best camera phone within 15k

    The 8.1 has OIS too right? The problem with the One Vision is the Exynos chip - battery life is mediocre.
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    Refrigerator energy consumption

    Didn't you miss the 'convertible box' for fruits in the 437/471L models?
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    Why are people trolls online?

    Which ID do you want to keep - mutton biryani or krishna tiwari ?
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    Android Nokia X7 /8.1 vs Xiaomi Mi A2

    Now that the price has been slashed to 15,999/-, is it a good buy?
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    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Cooler master Hyper 212x

    test Edit: Able to add feedback for @chetansha. Add feedback is missing for Abhijit.
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    Android Mi A3 Decently Priced

    Its priced well, but probably due to the low res display.