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    Camera Which compact P&S to buy under 22k

    check this out 'Compact Super Zoom' Camera Group Test (Q2 2010) Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review I like CanonSX230
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    Linux Installing linux over Windows 7 on a single partition

    Re: Installing iinux over Windows 7 on a single partition Well don't feel that way, Organisation are requirement driven, infra is usually bloated in areas which suits requirement but squeezed otherwise. Like I said if you just want to use Linux once in a while download MS VPC and install...
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    Linux Installing linux over Windows 7 on a single partition

    Re: Installing iinux over Windows 7 on a single partition If you don't have separate partition create one your self; all Linux distro allow you to create on the fly partitions. #Most probably current file system on your disk will be NTFS and Linux doesn't support installation on NTFS. In this...
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    Duck Tales in Hindi?

    count me in
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    Unlock/Activate iPhone 4

    err... only if you want to do via jailbreakme 3.0. Use sn0wbreeze it will let you jailbreak+activate your device
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    TCS , a matter of deep frustation

    #You'll be provided accommodation from day 1, most probably you'll get the accommodation in TCS executive hostel, it's very near to the ILP. But don't worry about what and where you get. TCS will arrange for your commute at a nominal cost. #TVM is one of the best ILP centre of TCS. You might...
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    TCS , a matter of deep frustation

    we are not here to make anybody's mood. If you don't have time then take your sorry ass somewhere else.
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    Company selection Urgent

    I have been working in IT for 5 Years, IMO it doesn't matter much for which comp you work for, all are same, if you have it in you, work culture would hardly matter. Go for company which pays more have no bonds. If work is not good or you have problems in promotion switch to another comp...
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    What I can expect from an unlocked iPhone 4 32gb black. It has two dents on the mid frame, front and panel and are scratch less.
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    Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - Discussion Thread

    Re: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 announced! yeah def. old... no blood splattering, no sfx of falling bodies and detailing is low level...
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    The Photography Thread !

    6 on a scale on 1 - 10
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    The Photography Thread !

    mod_DSC_0049_3 by gia_mcf, on Flickr
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    The Photography Thread !

    echo lake, NH by gia_mcf, on Flickr
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    English TV series discussion

    Just finished watching BattleStarGlactica. It was fraking awesome.
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    Free Kaspersky Internet Security 3 User License [MIR]

    To put it correctly, submitting MIR is as easy as posting a mail. But the MIR cheque arrives late, ~30 days after MIR submission.