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    Badly affected by "youradexchange" adware/malware

    One must also change the default password (usually this is factory default to admin) that is used to access the router settings.
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    Flipkart returns mobile website

    Well don't blame's in their name to FLIP, ain't it ;). So it's not like that they didn't tell us before.
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    Holiday in rajasthan - Suggestions please!!

    When in Udaipur, do visit Sajjangarh palace. The scenery is beautiful in the morning from the hilltop. Also, if you have time you can also make an excursion to Kumbhalgarh. Its about 60-90 kms from Udaipur. Has only one fort to visit. Another suggestion would be Ranakpur Jain temple. Not been...
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    OnePlus X Launched in India at Rs.16,999

    OnePlus X specs listed on Amazon. No prices though. Barring a couple of things and the...
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    Telcos Threaten Tariffs Hikes if Forced to Pay Call Drop Compensation

    This is like holding the Indian populace hostage to the telecom services. Because now they know that mobile has become a necessity and there is not that big competition as in other industries. I think you can "engineer" call drop by going to a basement/area with low reception after the call got...
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    Best beach in goa for hotels

    Considering your requirements I would suggest you to look at Baga beach area. Very posh area compared to Calangute.
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    Flipkart's Big Billion App only sale does $300M Business & Why its still a flop sale

    So this time its the sellers who have been wronged by Flipkart. See below article.
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    Business idea to make some side money ?

    OR you can teach kids from the lower standards (1st to 4th). They get basic maths/english/science.
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    No payment systems to work on 2nd, 4th Saturday from Sept 1: RBI

    Even currently NEFT works only during banking hours. If you make a NEFT transfer after banking hours, it will be executed only when the bank opens (about 8 - 9 AM on a working day). So thats not new. IMPS is a good option to use. BTW I use HDFC mostly and till date have never been charged for...
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    WP Migrating from Lumia 520 to Moto E - 'Need Help'

    +1 to what mrmash said. It should definately work. You are going through so much trouble looking for different route to get the contacts. Should be easier just to hit the forgot password key of the live account and recover your password.
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    Xiaomi Redmi 2 price cut to Rs 5,999 ? Redmi 2 Pro coming ?

    I guess it should come around 7 to 7.5K if they want to be competitive. Lenovo A6000 Plus has the crown in this specific configuration.
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    Flipkart to go app-only from September: Report

    And for Windows Phone OS.
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    Streaming service 'Hooq' launched in India at Rs. 199/month

    This sounds good. But am not able to see the complete catalogue (atleast without signup). On the main page we can see only 10-15 movies. Also I think it asks for your credit card details so they can start charging you upon completion of 7 day trial. I think I will let this service mature a...
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    AAP got a great idea to fight against black money/corruption in Real Estate

    Same thing happened in Ahmedabad. When Govt. increased land prices, the market rate went up in proportion to the increase. Now the rates are high and still you need to give black money.
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    ebay seller takes revenge on cheating buyer, by beating shit out of him

    Well if for a moment we believe what story the seller has written is true, then I think the buyer got what he deserved. The buyer did it intentionally and also confessed that he cheated many people this way. This was going to happen to him someday - Karma. It happened now. 1.5L may not be a big...