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    Android Request/Offer: Oneplus X invites

    I have an invite. Pm me.
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Have 3 invites. Pls pm if required.
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    I have an invite valid for 72 hrs. Please PM if anyone needs it.
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Thanks a lot Santa Maria!! Much obliged!
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Please share one invite with me
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Need an invite please ...
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    Broadband Recommendation for Pune (Deccan Area) - August 2015

    Have been using Airtel 4G wifi modem for the last month or so in Kharadi area. Had earlier enquired about hard line broadband to which they had said unavailable in the area and sold me the 4G product. It is quite expensive: 2.5K for the device + 2k monthly rental for 25 gb. The connection keeps...
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    Android Request/Offer: OnePlus 2 Invites

    Could I also get on the list plox?? Kudos to gREen for this initiative!!
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Discussion Thread

    Sorry for waking up the dead but it is better this way. So I play on the Singapore pub server of 42 slots as TE Gr8nub. Decent ping of around 60. A lot of Indians play there, just wondering if there is anyone from here.
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Discussion Thread

    Got a copy in the Game Shop @ Orion Mall. It was the last copy with them in Dec's lot. Call them and find out if they have any. This game simply rocks. There are hours and hours of gameplay.
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    Steam Gift giveaway: DOTA 2

    Hi Guys, suddenly i find my Steam inventory to be full of 5 Dota 2 beta keys. Please post here if you want any. Please post your Steam ids along with your request. You would need to convince me that you are not a free-loader, either you should own at least 3 paid games on Steam(which I will...
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    ^^ well either that or i have to shell out another 10k to get the top dawg!!
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Had given a list to the Ankit dude, of 4850 compatible coolers, called him multiple times and he told me that nothing from my list was available. Decided to go to SP Road anyway, went to Golcha and to my surprise Scythe Musashi(3.4k) and Thermalright TRad2 GTX(3K) were both available with him...
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    Price updates from S.P. Road (Bangalore)

    Going to buy aftermarket cooler for my ATI 4850: Arctic cooling Accelero Twin Turbo/Thermaltake duorb. Any idea whether they are available? Called Ankit Infotech, the dude told me that only cpu aftermarket coolers are manufactured, vga coolers are not manufactured at all. lawl!!
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    Team Fortress 2 - F2P?

    Re: Team Fortress 2 - Free to Play ? "AAI LEEEEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Will join you guys!! -Gr8Nub P.S. I might be the oldest guy playing :) go easy on me ;p