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  1. D

    WTB ITX NAS Case

    Looking for a budget ITX Case for Home nas which can outfit few HDD & SSD. Location is Bengaluru.
  2. idestinytechlab

    WTB 2 Bay NAS

    Anyone having 2 bay NAS? I am looking to buy a one from any reputed brand. It would be good if any without disk available. I already have disks.
  3. nsas02

    Budget 0-20k Need help in Home Server PC

    One of my friends is looking to build a cheap home server NAS. So, mostly the usage would be to run a Plex server (1 stream 99%, no transcoding needed), run few applications on docker (like bitwarden, piHole etc,). Now, below is the list of items I suggested him to look for now and I need...
  4. SnoopyLikesTech

    Pentium OLD NAS SERVER - how to

    Hello, I have a old pentium pc lying around, and have a couple of hardrives with almost 750 GB of space.. I'm thinking to convert it as a NAS so to utilize the space avlb as cloud storage... What are some of the free and opensource softwares which i can use to do this kind of thing? I m wishing...
  5. napstersquest

    Need help in wiring up my new house

    We have finalized a flat (3BHK) and I need help planning the networking in it. There is a central panel located in the middle of the flat, in the hallway, where fiber optic comes in. I am assuming that's where my central router (Asus AC68U) will reside along with the cable modem. I am planning...
  6. napstersquest

    Storage Solutions MUST READ before buying drives for your NAS - My experience buying ST4000VX007 CMR Drives

    I ordered 3 drives from 3 different sellers on 2 different platforms and enquired about 4th on 3rd website. All of them had listed the CMR Drive (ST4000VX007 - lets call it X007 for short), mentioned the same on the title, description, everywhere. Even the invoice from all three orders states...
  7. M

    Storage Solutions Help me build a compact DIY NAS

    Greetings. Looking for inputs to build a compact DIY NAS. Usage This nas will be primarily for central storage with private cloud + home media needs ( SMB/DLNA ) Devices connected Phones x 5 TV x 2 PC/Laptop x 4 2 bays would be sufficient. With one drive mirroring the other . Expecting to...
  8. C

    FS: Others Multiple item's for sale

    1. PS4 Uncharted lost legacy Warranty: - Nil Condition 4 out of 5 Price - 500/- 2. Portronics type c to USB 3 and HDMI converter - with charge in port Warranty: - Testing of 2 days Condition 4 out of 5 Price - 600/- 3. Raspberry PI4B 2GB with case and heatsinks...
  9. naviworks

    FS: Desktops DIY NAS PC

    Some 7-8 years back, I was bitten by a DIY bug. Being a non techie, I took a challenge of assembling PC by own. So sourced components from various sources (especially the Lian Li chasis from USA) and successfully built a PC mainly to be used as NAS for my movie collection. But after completing...
  10. nsas02

    First time building a home NAS

    Guys, I've planning to build a home NAS for storing files and store movies so that I can watch them on my TV (99% of the time videos would be played on 1 device only). I'm not looking at transcoding at the NAS end (is this even correct?) but my TV/video player can take care of that. I've had...
  11. Sammy22

    FS: Storage Hardware Synology DS119j Single Bay NAS

    Synology DS119j Single Bay NAS Its over two years old. No Bill/Box available. Selling as ive purchased DS220j Expected price :- 5000/- shipped
  12. napstersquest

    Budget 0-20k Parts for a NAS/Multipurpose Server

    Need to build a tertiary machine that will be on 24x7. Main purpose of the machine is to run TrueNAS/OpenMediaVault to self-host the following things: PhotoPrism (google photos-like gallery indexing server) - multiple instances may be required for multiple users Something to sync my phone's...
  13. Naveen_Reloaded

    WTB For My NAS build

    I am planning to buy a * Mobo which has following 1. Micro ATX / Mini ATX board 2. Supports 6 sata port 3. Support for upto 64GB RAM(ECC) * Supporting CPU for the above board * Supporting RAM , Any quantity will do , but should be ECC compatible. * A minimum 450W 80+ PSU
  14. R

    WTB 2 Bay NAS + Drives

    Looking to buy a 2 Bay NAS with/without drives. Let me know if you are looking to sell one. Cheers. :)
  15. sanjeevram

    Budget 0-20k CPU Upgrade

    Looking to Upgrade my PC for home media with data redunduncy and nas Current Specs Amd FX6300 8 GB Kingston Hyperx DDR3 Ram Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Cooler master Hyper 620 cooler 120 GB WD green boot drive 2 tb wd Black Cooler master case Nvidia GT 730 Looking to add Samsung 970 250gb Boot drive...
  16. 6pack

    Storage Solutions Need help with diy nas

    All my 3 - 9+ year old hdd's are dying now one by one. I have around 2 x 500GB hdd [1 TB] + 5 x 1TB hdd [5TB] + 2 x 1.5 TB [3 TB] + 2 x 2TB hdd [4TB] + 2 x 3TB hdd [6TB] + 1 x 4TB hdd. [4TB] Total : 23TB All of them are completely full. There are some folders duplicated in 1 or two drives...