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  1. N

    Budget 90k+ Need help building Unraid PC

    Hello all, I need help building a PC for Storage, Plex, Home Automation services (Home Assistant, etc). Need help wrt PSU, Case. Please suggest if you think a better Motherboard choice is available. What is your budget? 135K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name -...
  2. Supt

    Plex/Jellyfin Setup Discussion

    Wanted to make a dedicated Plex/Jellyfin setup thread. 1. What's your setup? (drop your setup) I'll go first, currently use my pc as my Jellyfin server along with Sonarr and Prowlarr to get all my Anime. I use Jellyfin cause Jellyfin Direct Plays most of the stuff I watch. With Plex I had to...
  3. D

    WTB ITX NAS Case

    Looking for a budget ITX Case for Home nas which can outfit few HDD & SSD. Location is Bengaluru.
  4. idestinytechlab

    WTB 2 Bay NAS

    Anyone having 2 bay NAS? I am looking to buy a one from any reputed brand. It would be good if any without disk available. I already have disks.
  5. nsas02

    Budget 0-20k Need help in Home Server PC

    One of my friends is looking to build a cheap home server NAS. So, mostly the usage would be to run a Plex server (1 stream 99%, no transcoding needed), run few applications on docker (like bitwarden, piHole etc,). Now, below is the list of items I suggested him to look for now and I need...
  6. SnoopyLikesTech

    Pentium OLD NAS SERVER - how to

    Hello, I have a old pentium pc lying around, and have a couple of hardrives with almost 750 GB of space.. I'm thinking to convert it as a NAS so to utilize the space avlb as cloud storage... What are some of the free and opensource softwares which i can use to do this kind of thing? I m wishing...
  7. napstersquest

    Need help in wiring up my new house

    We have finalized a flat (3BHK) and I need help planning the networking in it. There is a central panel located in the middle of the flat, in the hallway, where fiber optic comes in. I am assuming that's where my central router (Asus AC68U) will reside along with the cable modem. I am planning...
  8. napstersquest

    Storage Solutions MUST READ before buying drives for your NAS - My experience buying ST4000VX007 CMR Drives

    I ordered 3 drives from 3 different sellers on 2 different platforms and enquired about 4th on 3rd website. All of them had listed the CMR Drive (ST4000VX007 - lets call it X007 for short), mentioned the same on the title, description, everywhere. Even the invoice from all three orders states...
  9. M

    Storage Solutions Help me build a compact DIY NAS

    Greetings. Looking for inputs to build a compact DIY NAS. Usage This nas will be primarily for central storage with private cloud + home media needs ( SMB/DLNA ) Devices connected Phones x 5 TV x 2 PC/Laptop x 4 2 bays would be sufficient. With one drive mirroring the other . Expecting to...
  10. C

    FS: Others Multiple item's for sale

    1. PS4 Uncharted lost legacy Warranty: - Nil Condition 4 out of 5 Price - 500/- 2. Portronics type c to USB 3 and HDMI converter - with charge in port Warranty: - Testing of 2 days Condition 4 out of 5 Price - 600/- 3. Raspberry PI4B 2GB with case and heatsinks...
  11. naviworks

    FS: Desktops DIY NAS PC

    Some 7-8 years back, I was bitten by a DIY bug. Being a non techie, I took a challenge of assembling PC by own. So sourced components from various sources (especially the Lian Li chasis from USA) and successfully built a PC mainly to be used as NAS for my movie collection. But after completing...
  12. nsas02

    First time building a home NAS

    Guys, I've planning to build a home NAS for storing files and store movies so that I can watch them on my TV (99% of the time videos would be played on 1 device only). I'm not looking at transcoding at the NAS end (is this even correct?) but my TV/video player can take care of that. I've had...
  13. Sammy22

    FS: Storage Hardware Synology DS119j Single Bay NAS

    Synology DS119j Single Bay NAS Its over two years old. No Bill/Box available. Selling as ive purchased DS220j Expected price :- 5000/- shipped
  14. napstersquest

    Budget 0-20k Parts for a NAS/Multipurpose Server

    Need to build a tertiary machine that will be on 24x7. Main purpose of the machine is to run TrueNAS/OpenMediaVault to self-host the following things: PhotoPrism (google photos-like gallery indexing server) - multiple instances may be required for multiple users Something to sync my phone's...
  15. Naveen_Reloaded

    WTB For My NAS build

    I am planning to buy a * Mobo which has following 1. Micro ATX / Mini ATX board 2. Supports 6 sata port 3. Support for upto 64GB RAM(ECC) * Supporting CPU for the above board * Supporting RAM , Any quantity will do , but should be ECC compatible. * A minimum 450W 80+ PSU
  16. R

    WTB 2 Bay NAS + Drives

    Looking to buy a 2 Bay NAS with/without drives. Let me know if you are looking to sell one. Cheers. :)
  17. sanjeevram

    Budget 0-20k CPU Upgrade

    Looking to Upgrade my PC for home media with data redunduncy and nas Current Specs Amd FX6300 8 GB Kingston Hyperx DDR3 Ram Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Cooler master Hyper 620 cooler 120 GB WD green boot drive 2 tb wd Black Cooler master case Nvidia GT 730 Looking to add Samsung 970 250gb Boot drive...
  18. 6pack

    Storage Solutions Need help with diy nas

    All my 3 - 9+ year old hdd's are dying now one by one. I have around 2 x 500GB hdd [1 TB] + 5 x 1TB hdd [5TB] + 2 x 1.5 TB [3 TB] + 2 x 2TB hdd [4TB] + 2 x 3TB hdd [6TB] + 1 x 4TB hdd. [4TB] Total : 23TB All of them are completely full. There are some folders duplicated in 1 or two drives...