FS: Desktops AMD FX8350, 990FX Extreme9, Strix GTX960, 32GB RipjawX, H80i AIO Cooler and NZXT Red Phantom 410.


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This was built in the period of 2013-15 over the course with multiple upgrades. Everything is bought new except 2x RipjawsX which i bought from rsaeon, recently. Used till 2018 and retired. Took away, dusted, repasted with Cryofuse and check with the default cooler, installed the ram, It was working fine. Didn't had the OS drive which i pulled long ago. So, I let it run for 30min and working perfectly. No issues except you need new Cmos battery. Most probably i'll add this to my homelab but dont want this monster running 24x7. Both the Cpu and gpu still holds today. And mobo is high end during its time and costed more than the cpu. I wanted to sell this as a combo rather than selling individual items. And if you taking everything, i'll happy to include the NZXT case as free.

1. CPU - AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
2. Motheboard - ASRock 990FX Extreme9
3. Ram - 4x 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
4. GPU - Asus Strix GeForce GTX960 2GB
5. Cooler - Corsair H80i AIO Water Cooler

Everything above is in perfect condition and the case is bit out with dust settled on the bottom, tried cleaning and some paint chips here and there(mostly minor). The Power/reset button is broken but works and the case fan speed adjusting 3pin are out. If you can spend time, it can be easily fixed. So, putting this on giveaway if you are taking everything.

1. Case - NZXT Phantom 410 Red Color

The price is 14k and I will pack it properly but Shipping at buyers risk. And im more inclined for local pickup or you arrange the pickup yourself. Dont know how shipping is safe for cabinet as i don't have the original box.
If you have any queries, please contact via pm.
Have a great day.


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