Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

Next billing will start on the 28th, so cool with updating to premium for 4 months for 620 each.

@Bhasam pakoda

There were 4 people who expressed interest on this thread in the above order, so based on confirmation by tomorrow evening, I can proceed with 3 others. Kindly PM me to confirm and I will set up a group on WhatsApp.
I am down for 4 months for sure, but please start a PM with me as I am unable due to my rank.


Still looking for another person to upgrade to Premium, drop me a PM for confirmation and we can co-ordinate further as a group.

Will switch on Dec 1 and can go with 610 per person until Mar 27.

Edit: Have agreement within group to switch to Premium for the next billing cycle, so no longer have a slot available for now.
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