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I quit Orphan Black right after the first episode, just can't tolerate the lead actress for some reason .. its like she perpetually holding something in her mouth (ie talking while eating food expression) ..


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Finished with The Americans S2 finale. Nicely done indeed!
Seems like a nice coincidence that this one too left people wondering about the next gen characters' role up next.

This series surely needs to be seen with about 2-3 episodes in continuation according to me. Really gets the mood set that way.
The series has maintained its streak of using music in a fantastic way. The song created exclusively for (208) went nicely along with the brilliant scene by Kerri Russel. Vocals by Lisbeth scott (song link) simply got stuck in the head there and then.

Very impressed with this series. I hope they bring in some adrenaline rush/bit more pace in the next season.


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New recommendation from me. Watch 'The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency'.

The trailer feels like a procedural, but it is not. Show ended after only 7 episodes but I think it is fairly self contained. I have only seen the pilot (~2 hour long pilot) and it was brilliant. Brilliant characters, acting, music and cinematography.

Also, for all Arrow fans, the pilot for The Flash is out on the interwebs.


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Started Broen danish series. Its also in english called The Bridge. However I am watching Danish/Swedish version and its really really good. Genre: Crime/Drama/Thriller


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House of Cards Season 1 was good, but finale was a let down.
So I started with HoC Season 2, and believe me 1st episode is completely mindblowing.
It should be the finale of 1st season, a lot happened just in a single episode.
Great watch :)