Intel Arc GPUs

still need to third-party reviews but still looks good also the 350$ version is 16gb Vram. the best option for productivity people who are just starting into 3D stuff. Actually tempted to buy this if reviews come out positive. or at least happy that the price point is going to make other competitions reduce theirs. lets hope for the best :)
I dont know why I would pick the A750 8 GB at 289 when the AMD 6650 is around the same price now and probably 10-15% faster.

Around 250 USD would have been the sweet spot.
Will intel GPUs have any impact on AMD and Nvidia GPU Prices??
Probably not. Rx 6600 at 22k sounds better than a750 at ~25k. Radeon drivers are ages better than Intel arc at it's current state. We don't know the amount of cards that'll be supplied. So they might have limited stocks to AMD or Nvidia
These are interesting but still sad seeing there are very few options at higher end at lower end we also have the old GPUs so yeah
these gpus mainly are designed for directx 12 based games and upscaling Xess etc are supposedly to be incorporated by developers .These would be very good for video encoding as well . But than there is a requirement that these work well with 10 core cpu and for amd works well with 3XXX series and above and these seem to be even good with 1440p resolution .I am pretty sure they wont just quit on the gpus this early
Nope. A770 is said to be the highest tier card in alchemist generation
And A750 is better value anyway with only single digit frame rate differences. Suppose it fulfils niche use cases not requiring DX9 or DX11, at worse power efficiency than competitors.