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The offer code is not available on the site of reliance

the offer is actually for postpaid reliance customers but actually it isb nothing like that

they have the code directly

Its a relief offer after many many days

PLEASE UTILise IT to ur fullest

here is the CODE


the offer i got Samsung Chat GT-C3222 (Dual Sim) 1 Rs.4,390

Samsung Monte S5620 1 Rs.7,790

Discount Coupon RCOMLSB applied: -Rs.1,827

Total: Rs.10,353
and ya recived the product from lets buy in 2 days and the packing was damn good ..... ordered at the friends home in chennai

did not wanna take risk of octroi ..... so navi mumbai and thane guys avoid shipping it at your place

they put a copy of orignal invoice outside the box.... so its obvious it will be octroi charged

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teche said:
Which Reliance site is it?
the reliance has removed the offer but i guess the code still works on lets buy so i said grab it
Some weired thing happened to me today :S

I just logged in to my account, and it was showing an item in my cart, when I checked, Canon 1000D was in my cart along with same RCOMLSB coupon :S
^^ when i was loging out i was logged in as some bloke in banglore!!

guys i wanna purchase a ipad from this site.can anyone tell me is it possible to use this coupon at a physical store in mumbai??
I cant see any reason to buy from it unless u r getting it for cheap there. At same price u can go to any apple outlet , croma and get ipad today itself then why to wait.

Icici coupon is valid for credit and debit card purchase not COD.
I would say avoid buying items form Letsbuy.com especially expensive ones because they don't stock them and so it takes around 10-15 days to deliver those items

I had ordered an Lg optimus one form them and they delivered it after 12 days

I had called them more than 5 times and everytime they used to say '' The shipping time for this order is 5-7 working days"
Ideally products should be delivered fast. I always opt for COD, so if there's a stock problem or delivery is taking too long, I can cancel the order.